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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

(Video) For Generation 'X' Fiscal Cliff Drama proves Schoolhouse Rock was a fallacy

Schoolhouse Rock!
Schoolhouse Rock! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Independent Underground Radio LIVE Op/Ed

If you're a part of Generation 'X', do you remember Bill?

Here's a question we're pondering today. What has occurred with the process of our U.S. Government with latest Fiscal Cliff Drama Mess?

If we have it correct from watching Schoolhouse Rock and Bill, a piece of legislation becomes law after its' referred by a House Committee. Not in today's process secret meetings behind close doors, cutting citizens out of the process of regressing grievances with government.

It appears the way our U.S. Government runs lately is:

1. Important issues impacting the financial well-being of United States residents, result a in last minute crisis, attached to a "scary" sounding name: i.e. "Fiscal Cliff", "Debt Ceiling", etc.

2. Instead of working issue at hand via the formal House of Representatives committee process, nothing is done for months to avoid the "scary named crisis".

3. One month before a self-imposed "deadline", the President, Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader and Invited Elected Officials meet at a secret location in Congress to negotiate. By the way the Open Government Committee is the process our Founding Fathers envisioned when drafting the U.S. Constitution

4. The Negotiation process produces nothing at all.

5. The Propaganda based American Media prays for ratings and more corporate dollars flowing their way, by using the "scary sounding name" over and over again. Cable and Traditional TV "news" producers create "crisis mode television" for the unsuspecting public. Paid talking heads repeat the "scary sounding crisis" name --totally made up by the media by the way-- at least 10 times each programming hour. Indoctrination at its' finest!

6. Surprise! With less than 24, 12, 6 or an 1 hour to ago, a magical "fixer-upper" bill is created in the Senate. Never mind that pesky Schoolhouse Rock, what Mr. Bill said or what Generation 'X' learned during a high school civics class -- which is the Senate concurs laws passed in the House of Representatives. Facts are threw out the window as the "scary named crisis" to grabs the public attention.

7. The House of Representatives rejects the Senate bill and propose to draft their own, without a Committee process, of course, and the "scary named crisis" starts all over again.

Rinse - Cycle - Repeat

Are you, like we are, sick and tired of overpaid, under-worked elected so-called officials in Washington, D.C., along with our propaganda based media resources playing games with our governmental process?

If so, let us know in the comments section, below.

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