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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Op/Ed --'Pure Michigan' Campaign and 'Right to Work' Legislation is a toxic mix

Independent Underground Op/Ed

Photo Credit - M-Live/Bill Cantaniser
Update - January 10, 2013 at 3:19 PM ET:

Progressive Political organizing group - Progress Michigan - has called for Governor Rick Snyder's (R) office to account for the Wall Street Journal "Pure Michigan" - Right to Work advertisement. Read about this story at the following link.

Remember when traveling across our wonderful state of Michigan had nothing to do  with politics of any kind.

For instance a trip up-north to the "bunny" or Upper Peninsula was to view the beautiful tall pine trees, skiing in land covered full with snow that visions of the what the North Pole could appear like takes over ones' mind, or a summer day riding a ferry to Mackinaw Island with added joy of a cool breeze from the water below.

The term "Pure Michigan" defined what's best about our State. Five bodies of beautiful waters called the Great Lakes, taking a dunebuggy ride at Sleeping Bear Dunes and viewing the huge Uniroyal Tire on I-94 near Detroit. 

Strolling the River-walk enjoying views across the Detroit River to Michigan's friendly neighborhood to the Northeast - Oh Canada, or partaking in the joy of all four seasons: Green-Spring, Blue-Summer, Orange-Fall and White-Winter.

For all "Pure Michigan" represents, Right to Work is not it. That was until, this advertisement in the New York based "Wall Street Journal" no less.

From M-Live - January 9, 2013:
"Right-to-work opponents are criticizing an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal that uses the Pure Michigan logo while touting the new right-to-work law as a reason to do business in the state. 
The full-page print ad, titled, ‘What happens when Michigan makes history,’ contains the following text: 
“It’s a new day for business in Michigan. Michigan is the newest Right-to-Work state. This once-in a generation transformation has Michigan poised to become a preferred place to do business. Michigan has also redesigned incentive programs, streamlined regulatory processes, approved legislation to eliminate personal property taxes and launched a new flat 6% business tax, giving the state its most competitive position in decades. The perfect storm of opportunity, resources and passion is Pure Michigan.” 
Either this advertisement was not written by someone associated with the true "Pure Michigan" or was a lame attempt by Governor Rick Snyder's administration to promote his "signature" piece of legislation. The verbiage contain so many errors its' laughable, if we didn't want to cry instead. 

Allow us to correct the inconsistencies with this piece since we are True Blue, Michiganders.

"Pure Michigan" has nothing to do with business, at least in terminology of providing an atmosphere for million and billionaires -along with those who bow down on their knees to every demand. Similar to Michigan's Republican Controlled House and Senate for example. 

Pure Michigan sole principle is promote the States' vast sites for tourism, vacations and enjoyment.

In fact, "Pure Michigan" campaign was not a Republican idea in the least. The terminology promoting "true blue pride" among our State 7 million residents was coined during former Democratic Governor, Jennifer Granholm's administration in 2006.

From Wikipedia - Pure Michigan:

"Pure Michigan began as an advertising campaign which was launched in 2006 by the state of Michigan featuring the voice of actor & comedian Tim Allen. The Pure Michigan campaign, which aims to market the state of Michigan as a travel and tourism destination, received state and international attention beginning in 2008 when Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm approved $45 million in additional funding for the Pure Michigan campaign.

An unprecedented tourism budget for the state, allowing the Pure Michigan campaign to be broadcast on a national level beginning in March 2009."
"Pure Michigan" was formed assist the small business Bed and Breakfast owner in Traverse City gain revenue in a difficult economic State climate, by giving warm and personal service to new and returning visitors. Bring travelers to Downtown Detroit in the middle of winter for outdoor ice skating at Campus Martius, or drop by Carsonville for a winery tasting. 

The campaign promoted diversity, togetherness, fun and excitement; not protests, loss wages, division and uncertainty.

Michigan Economic Development Commission President and CEO Michael Finney, who department manages the "Pure Michigan" campaign did not sound as optimistic as New York based Wall Street Journal about the immediately "good" effects of Right to Work legislation during Detroit Economic Club event on Tuesday, January 8th M-Live noted.

“The fact of the matter is, is that it’s very difficult to predict to what’s going to happen,” Finney said. “Which also means that right to work will not be represented as a silver bullet any more than changes in taxes and other things can be represented as a silver bullet.”
Guess whoever paid for this advertisement in the "Wall Street Journal" somehow believes they know Michigan better than State Residents?

Well, let us walk this back a bit. If the customer who paid for this ad "knew Michigan" he or she would have known taking the term "Pure Michigan", then have nerves to twist its' meaning in an advertisement promoting the divisive "Right To Work" law, would leave a toxic taste in a majority of True Blue Michigan citizens mouths.

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