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Sunday, January 6, 2013

(Video) Op/Ed - As Criminals Murder Detroit Residents: Elected Leaders Hold Press Conferences

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Independent Underground Radio LIVE Op/Ed
by Monica RW

Allow us a moment here and it wouldn't be pretty. Mayor Dave Bing Sir, what the heck is going on with your City? 

Seriously, this no joke. 
Fox 2 News Headlines

In the past week two HONOR students (i.e. - "The Best of the Cities' Best") were killed walking your streets. Also, a Navy ServiceMan home on leave was killed for we guess, visiting his family in the City of Detroit.

From Fox 2 News - Detroit - Article - "Detroit college student, 18, fatally shot in front of his younger brother"
"18-year-old True Whitsey was killed right in front of his baby brother.  The brothers were leaving their sister's house with a friend when they were approached by two men in a red Focus.  They were robbed and True was shot in the back and on his side.  He died at the hospital.

"Why my baby?  He was just a college kid home visiting from school," said mother Tamika Brown.  "He wasn't [a] bad kid."

His mother boasts of her son's 4.0 GPA all through high school.  He had a full, four year scholarship to Ferris State where he planned to study corporate law -- a bright, young mind with the world at his feet."
Really Mr. Mayor? Please, don't give the tax payers of your City another press conference to talk about what? 

We know what. To discuss what MIGHT be "the new plan" sometime after 10-15 more people are killed this month alone. Well, talk is cheap Mr. Mayor Bing without concrete plans of action.

From Fox 2 News Reporter Charlie LeDuff's Article - "Answers, accountability lacking as more bodies fall in Detroit"
"He (Mr. Mayor Dave Bing) and interim Police Chief Chester Logan sat at the table like a pair of grumpy old men, scowling and chewing on their lips.  They could offer no explanation for the spiraling murder rate.  No plan to combat it.  Nor could they accept the bulk of the blame.

All Bing could do was offer this ladle of Jell-O pudding: "I just don't believe our police department should have the total responsibility for safety in the city."

If not the police, then who has the responsibility?  Detroit, with a population estimated at less than 700,000, clocked in with 408 homicides in 2012.  New York by contrast has a population of 8.2 million.  Gotham recorded 414 homicides in 2012, which included 14 homicides from previous years.

Do the math.  Relatively tiny Detroit witnessed more murder than any other city in American except Chicago.  On Friday, I learned a Navy petty officer home on leave was shot and killed in the city, and a Marine who served in Iraq is near death after being shot Dec. 29 on the city's west side.  To think you can survive the theaters of war, only to be cut down in the killing fields of Detroit."
How many residents are dead right now --- murdered this week--- in an abandoned home in Detroit somewhere waiting to be found? Mr. Mayor Bing --- you have a BIG PROBLEM.

And with this issue your neighborhood police departments are closing at 4PM ET? What's up with that? 

From the Huffington Post 1/4/2012 - "Detroit Police Department To Close Offices After 4 P.M., Offer 'Virtual Precincts"
"According to a document obtained by the Detroit Free Press, the department plans to eliminate numerous desk jobs and transfer police working in office positions to street patrols during night-time hours. Between 4 p.m and 8 a.m., the public must make reports through a call center, under a new system of "virtual police precincts," the Detroit News reports.

"I think it's going to work," Detroit Police Commander Steve Dolunt told the Free Press. "I think it'll get the officers more involved [with citizens]."
So, if we're less than 10 steps away from a police station at 4:30 PM ET. Say we're approached for a purse and, hope to make it to safety into said police station. The doors would be closed shut. The end result could be a bullet --or two-- in laying somewhere in our bodies, due to the fact Detroit police stations DOORS ARE LOCKED at 4PM ET

Get the point Mr. Mayor? Whoever told you almost one year two days to this date in 2012, this was the right plan of action for your City need to be fired, immediately.

Closing police stations in a City where 411 residents were killed last year (less six days ago) and the total City population is less than 700,000, is NOT a good idea. Whether the City is financially broke or not.

City Council Members -- YOU to have a problem. If we heard one of these reports on Fox 2 News - Detroit correctly, you'll have armed guards (off duty or on duty officers) protecting each of you. Yet, if a citizen walks down a street and someone pulls a gun to rob them of a coat, they're on their own. You see where this sounds a bit crazy, unreasonable and frankly ridiculous?

If Mr. Mayor Bing can't do the job of protecting Detroit Citizens from unnecessary harm, you  the Detroit City Council must as duly elected officials, do so. The fact that little has been done by YOU to stop this madness prior too the first murder in Detroit during 2013 is downright sad and does NOTHING to help Detroit's dying image. 

We understand that Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder constant threat of a Emergency Manager has your Council work a bit stained at the moment.

From the Detroit Free Press - December 10, 2012 - "Advisory board OKs Dillon's path toward a Detroit emergency financial manager"
"Dillon said that, even if the City Council over the next few weeks approves the reforms he says are crucial to Detroit’s recovery, he will recommend that Gov. Rick Snyder release only $30 million from a $137-million bond sale. The state will keep the remainder in case of the likely scenario it would need the cash to keep the city operating under an emergency financial manager.

Dillon said unexpected declines in city revenues presented for two months by Mayor Dave Bing’s administration have reduced any cash cushion Detroit might have had to persevere through a daunting restructuring that’s making too little progress.

“Right now we have an escrow of about $86 million, and as I’ve said before I don’t want that to go below $50 million, because if we do face a crisis, it’s important that the state have some reserve so that we can maintain essential services, police and fire,” Dillon said."
But maybe, just maybe you'll need to demand instead Gov. Snyder send a Emergency deployment of the Michigan National Guard in right now to get control of YOUR CITY again, from these thug criminals. 

Put Rick Snyder on front street. 

If Gov. Snyder and State Treasurer Andy Dillon can pay Miller/Canfield -Corporate Attorney's at Law- what like near $300,000 dollars to decide on a Emergency Manager; they can surely pay equal or slightly less than that amount to send guard troops to Detroit to get this rampant crime gone wild situation in Michigan's largest City under control, you think?

From the Voice of Detroit - December 22, 2012 - "Council's Craven Cave-In Brings New Assault on Detroit: State Declares New Financial Review"
"City Council’s narrow approval of the Miller-Canfield contract Dec. 11 and other items in Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s “Milestone Agreement” with the state, along with the Hantz Woodlands land sale, has only accelerated the war on the nation’s poorest major city. 

The Council’s “Fatal Five,” many of whom met with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s chief of staff Dennis Muchmore prior to the meeting, acted after State Treasurer Andy Dillon threatened to appoint an emergency financial manager under the now defunct Public Act 72. 

A week later, on Dec. 18, Snyder empaneled a six-member review team to begin the EFM process anyway, and is now threatening as an alternative to impose a “stricter” consent agreement under a new “emergency manager” act voted in during the state legislature’s lame duck session.

“My administration has worked, and will continue to work in collaboration, with Mayor (Dave) Bing and city officials to ensure a revitalized and successful Detroit,” Snyder said in a statement. “However, given the financial crisis that continues to grip the City of Detroit, we must move quickly to ensure city residents have continued access to essential services they expect and deserve.”
Someone, anyone in a position in leadership need to speak out. Do the job that taxpayers in Detroit are CRYING for you to do and ASK FOR HELP. If Michigan Governor Snyder refuses any assistance, pick up a phone and dial the White House. Request President Barack Obama's Justice Department place "boots on the ground" putting law and order back in your City, for the health and safety of your residents, please!

It's painfully obvious the problem is BIGGER than you'll can control or have means to fix.

Please do something NOW so another Mother, Father, Family Member or Friend are not burying a Son, Daughter, Cousin, Uncle, Aunt or Child next week, due to senseless murders happening on Detroit City Streets.

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