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Friday, December 7, 2012

UPDATED: Six Michigan House Republicans voted against Governor Snyder's 'Right To Work' mandate

I.U. News Op/Ed

UPDATE: 12/7/12 @ 4:48 PMIndependent Underground News has confirmed the Michigan Legislature has cancelled all House and Senate sessions until Tuesday, December 11th at 9AM ET. Union and supporters of labor rights are vowing an "Action Day" in Lansing, Michigan beginning at 8AM ET with a March to the Capitol. For more information and details, click here.

On Thursday, December 6th , Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder proved his words should be valued as much as a penny, or not at all. Snyder performed what can best be described as a chameleon reveal to state residents and union members, with boasting his intent to sign "Right To Work" legislation to somehow give people freedom to work.

Governor Snyder who previously stated during his campaign to Michigan's highest Executive level office and for a year and eleven months after taking the oath of office, he would never sign any "right to work" packages if they were to hit his desk, frankly lied. Considering Michigan's strong legacy ties to Unions, when the Governor signs "right to work for less" legislation, has more likely than not have ensured just one-term in office is all that he will serve.

Despite Governor Snyder "switch-re-roo" on destroying rights to unionize in Michigan, worse actions took place in the People's House, otherwise referred as the State Legislature Chamber in Lansing. Local news stations reported at least eight residents peacefully expressing displeasure's with the "Right to Work for Less" legislation otherwise known as House Bill 4054 of 2011, were pepper sprayed, removed and arrested on civil disobedience related charges. Furthermore, Governor Snyder and Speaker of the State House Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) temporary denied The People access to the Capitol building, until a Ingham County Circuit Court ruling forced the Governor to remember Michigan's Open Meetings Act statue.

But, eight Republican House Representatives stood against the highly questionable will of their political party and Governor demands, voting for a continuance of fair, equal and negotiable union wages and benefits to remain a mainstay in Michigan. Rightfully siding with Michigan's entire House Democratic Caucus against the 'Right to Work for Less legislation, these six Republican Representatives deserve a sincere THANK YOU for refusing to play the game of "go along, get along" politics of our States' Modern Day GOP party.

Michigan House Representative Anthony Forlini (R) State Representative, District 24 Hometown: Harrison Township   
Michigan House Representative Ken Goike (R) State Representative, District 33 Hometown: Ray Township 
Michigan House Representative Kenneth Horn (R) State Representative, District 94 Hometown: Frankenmuth 
Michigan House Representative Edward McBroom (R) State Representative, District 108 Hometown: Vulcan 
Michigan House Representative Patrick Somerville (R) State Representative, District 23 Hometown: New Boston 
Michigan House Representative Dale W. Zorn (R) State Representative, District 56 Hometown: Ida
The Michigan Senate Democrats Facebook site reported on December 6th, Senate Republicans quickly passed the first version of a "Right to Work for Less" bill late Thursday evening.
"After Republicans passed the first of their terrible "Right to Work" bills, they told our members they would not allow debate on the second bill in the package. Our members refused to participate in this legislative disgrace any further and left the Senate chamber to instead speak with the many workers still here at the Capitol. Thank you all for your courage and your energy! They may have been able to pass these bills in the most cowardly manner possible, but the fight is far from over!"
Independent Underground News & Talk will continue to follow this and other pending measures including an expansion of the concealed firearms carry law into schools and churches, ceasing family planning options for Women and the privatization of Michigan's Free Public Schools system in days and weeks ahead.

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