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Monday, December 17, 2012

Op/Ed: (VIDEO) RNC Finance Chairman Ron Weiser Negative comments about Detroit, isn't an 'newly revealed secret' for Michiganders

Independent Underground Op/Ed

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Think for some reason racial motivations are not the reason behind Governor Rick Snyder's insistence to have at his disposal a "Emergency Manager Law 2.0"?

Well, if  you as a reader of Independent Underground News & Talk believed Michiganders were all passed Race and Class based politics, a video featuring former Michigan Republican Party Chairman/Now RNC Finance Chairman Ron Weiser totally disproves that false theory.

Before embedding the video, we'd like to add a statement. Weiser's comments, although highly offensive in nature to residents of Detroit, are not new.

In fact, frequency in public places, private meetings, among the like minded and by laws created in our Michigan State Capitol building, comments similar to what Mr. Weiser stated by video are equality expressed.

On a personal note, about three weeks ago we wrote this blog post detailing how race segmentation based polices targeted for Detroit Public Schools since 1999; fostered Michigan's Republican controlled Legislative push a total privatization model for all the State's Public School Districts. After cross-posting the blog on Daily Kos, we're accused by two members of the Group -Southeastern Michigan Kossacks - of playing the "race card".

What the piece focused on was the truth.

In Michigan, there is a "invisible line" between "those folks" and others who stay in areas outside Detroit City limits. Economic and Social realities of living in Detroit include: over 50% of city residents make less than $10.00 per hour, a 25% unemployment rate, an average of 10-15 abandoned homes per four city blocks, one to two hour waits for public transportation services, a struggling (at best) public school system and a city government on the brink of bankruptcy.

Name one other Michigan city facing similar problems to Detroit, and its' doubtful  the names Bloomfield Hills, Grosse Pointe Farms or Dexter, Michigan come to mind. The difference is the suburban based communities noted above ethnic ratio of minorities are 20% or less.

So yes Virginia, Ann and Chris (we totally made up these names, by the way) negative thoughts, ideas, whispers and mandated public policy based on hindering Detroit's abilities overcome the City economic, social and environmental challenges exist because, over 80% of the city residents are African-American. Plain and simple.

Back to Mr. Weiser and the video provided by The Freep. The saying "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't" clearly applies here. 

At least Detroiters know if Republicans have their way, each parcel of land in the City will be sold to the highest corporate or China based dealer despite who's name is on the Deed.

The plan: move "them folks out", destroying the public school system, launch complete takeover of City government, sale Public assets providing needed revenue to the lowest corporate bidder, and arrange inadequate funding for public services hereby forcing residents to move out.

Mr. Weiser alludes to this "plan" himself, in this video. Take a quick listen:

Correction -- we're wrong just a bit about the "invisible racial based lines" that exist between Detroit and nearly all other areas of Michigan, as the line is truly not so invisible anymore.  

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Monica RW said...

I clicked the links and was SHOCKED by the Owner of Electablog suggestion that this blog or its' stories are race baiting in anyway. And you think you know people. Guess not
I'll not be following that blog anymore.

Monica RW said...

The comments by Weiser was downright awful. Almost like what happens to a certain bug when the lights are turned on.

And for @90c826afa7b8c4a57f57fda9a923f830:disqus comment, I had no clue until today and will be taking the same actions as them, cutting off reading that blog.

Thanks for exposing the truth on both side of the political aisle, I.U. News!

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