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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cause to Save Free Public Education in Michigan, takes prudence over contemptuous attacks

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On November 28th, Independent Underground wrote this blog post/article -"The Sky Has  Fallen on Free Public Educational System in Michigan for Decades, nearly no one cared" - detailing history about the effort to Privatize Michigan's Public Systems. This effort appears to be an on accelerated fast track pace, to pass the Lame-Duck Session of a Republican Controlled State House and Senate.

We cross-post the article at Daily Kos, a highly-followed political diary site. I.U. News (formerly ROJS News) owner and executive producer of I.U. Radio LIVE, Monica RW has been a contributor on Daily Kos since August 30, 2008, under the user name Kayla9170. 

In no way, shape, form or matter do we fault Daily Kos and or an large majority its' members who contribute written works and comment the diaries. Instead, this specific case is addressed to an D.K. member user named Surelyujest, or whatever their real identity might be.

Synopsis of the article - "The Sky Has Fallen on Free Public Educational System in Michigan for Decades, nearly no one cared"

The original article, "The Sky Has Fallen on Free Public Educational System in Michigan for Decades, nearly no one cared," examined on how since 1999 efforts were made by Republican and Democratic elected officials and interest groups, moving the State Public School System towards a For-Profit Corporate Education Economic Model. This effort begun in the Detroit Public School System, nearly 14 years since, has moved into other highly populated minority districts including Benton Harbor, Muskegon, Pontiac and Inkster Public Schools, to name a few.

In lame-duck session of Michigan Republican Controlled Legislature, GOP politicians have introduced bills: H.B. 6004, H.B. 5923, S.B. 1358 along with 2011's proposed legislation S.B. 620, squarely 
focused on expanding Governor Rick Snyder's (R) power to regulate privatized incorporated charter schools in Michigan. Through Michigan's Educational Achievement Authority or E.A.A., the Governor along with a 9 member appointed State School Board primary focus would be expanding so-called cyber-schools, ending local control of a Public School Districts affairs and fiscal budget and sanction unlimited charter schools by the allocation of "certificates", focus on building corporate K-12 educational institutions across the entire state of Michigan.

In the initial article and D.K. diary, Monica RW challenged Michigan residents to ponder if Racial and Economic Class division lines, has led to where we are today. Specifically, Michigan's entire K-12 student population is facing segmented educational standards based upon how stringent investors apply 
pressure for traded publicly incorporated educational companies, to secure high profits.

For decades as discussed in the original article, "The Sky Has Fallen on Free Public Educational System in Michigan for Decades, nearly no one cared," the piece focused on how Suburban -well funded/less minority populated- school systems where placed in competition against -low funded/high minority populated- districts. This effort divided residents, local tax payers and Children, creating invisible school district boundary lines where matters simple as a five digit zip code the sole determining factor about the quality of education Michigan's students received. Zip code(s) and invisible district 
boundary lines were the overriding factor on if a Public School District would be taken over by politicians in Lansing and aligned interest groups.

Attempt to Focus The Real Issue About K-12 Education in Michigan Leads To Unwarranted Vicious Attacks 

Despite detailing complex this history, the D.K. member Surelyujest engaged in what can be best described as an contemptuous character attack against former ROJS News, and we would assume its' owner Monica RW. Ironically, Surelyujest comments -which didn't fit the written dialect in any way of other replies received about the article - received a singular recommendation from a user named Eclectablog.

Photo Credit-Daily Kos/ I.U. News
Photo Credit-Daily Kos/ I.U. News

Independent Underground News, I.U. Radio or with articles we cross-post on other internet resources, will not engage in debate or discussions with others who believe the serious issue about how our Children receive primary K-12 education for the future in Michigan, should stoop down to egregious comments. Especially, when the article clearly addressed how Michigan's history of Racial and Class lined Educational Models existing for nearly two decades, has placed privatization of the State's entire public school system in reach. Much less, will we respond directly to any entity choosing to recommend these verminous responses.

Furthermore, I.U. News and Radio LIVE perseveres the right
 to produce articles at our resource, providing analysis on issues such as the privatization of Michigan's Public School System at our featured weekend podcast program - host via the Blog Talk Radio Network-,  along with cross-posting on other internet resources important information Michigan residents should know. We will not prudence another response to what's noted above, from our focus to provide an alternative independent resource for commentary, breaking news or opinion based articles.

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