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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BREAKING: Truth behind 'Pork on a Bun Cart Attack' During Michigan's Right to Work for Less Rally

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Today, we at Independent Underground News will step ever so briefly, into the tsunami filled, extremely insane, blood libel based world of the Tea-Party far-right wing mind. Since I. U. News & Talk believe in maintaining our and the readers of this resource SANITY, our visit to the dark side will be brief.

Yet, when the Tea-Party, hateful Michelle Malkin following, late Andrew Breitbart worshiping insanity crew who are followers of these individuals brand of lies on steroids, our job at I.U. News and Talk is to call them out on it. In this case, the fairy tale story of late with the Far-Far Insane Right Wing is about a Hot Dog Cart.

No, kid you not, a hot dog cart. Take a look at this guy (above), otherwise known as Clint Tarver small business owner of said pork on a bun cart and his appearance during December 11th, Right to Work for Less Rally in at Michigan's Capitol building in Lansing. In the world according to Malkin, this is what occurred to Tarver and his "cart".
"This is small business owner Clint Tarver of Lansing, Michigan. He was caught in the violent chaos that erupted when union thugs attacked the Americans for Prosperity tent on the capitol grounds yesterday during the right-to-work debate. His hot dog stand was destroyed. 
Velvet Hammer reports that the thugs shouted “Uncle Tom” and “n****r” at Tarver."
Since we refuse to use such ignorant verbiage like spelling the entire six letters contained in the "N" word on this news resource, if you must, go over for verification to Malkin's blog where this "Mary Teresa" to the FAR, FAR, Blood Libel INSANE Right Wing has no problem doing so. But, lets get back to Carver and the Pork Cart, shall we.

If we threw logic out of the window, its' to be believed that Tarver just sat up his "Dog Cart" on the corner of Lansing's Capitol Grounds to kindly sell "Hot Dogs" to hungry protesters at December 11th Right to Work for Less rally. Yet, considering AFSCME set up a FREE hot dog and water stand, was near by at a similar location, Tarver's business strategy on a pure profitability scale was questionable at best. 
Especially noting is that Tarver has GOP Tea-Party ties a bit close to home, himself.

From AFSCME Website "Thousands Protest Michigan’s Right-to-Work (for Less) Bills" - December 11, 2012:

"Their energy was sustained not only by their determination to stop Michigan from following in the footsteps of Wisconsin and Indiana – where workers’ rights have also been trampled upon – but also by the hot dogs and energy bars dispersed from an AFSCME tent set up outside the Capitol."
Meet Linda Lee Tarver, the Pork on a Bun Cart Man Clint's wife and Michigan's Republican Party "Ethnic Outreach" Vice-Chairperson. Yes, Mr. Tarver wife has direct links to the Michigan Republican Party, who ironically just happened to be aligned with many of the same folks inside Lansing's Capitol Building on December 11th, voting down a Right to Organize and Maintain a Union in Michigan.
In a interview done with the "Right Michigan" Website on January 11, 2008, Ms. Tarver - Clint the Hot Dog Cart Man wife- told how deep her loyalty to Michigan's GOP "causes" go.

From the site "Right Michigan" January 11, 2008:
"I've been an activist in the Republican Party for several years now and have made it my goal to increase minority participation in, or votes for, the Republican Party.  In Ingham County, I have recruited conservative Hispanic, Black, and other nationalities to run as County Commissioner or to join our executive team/volunteer base.  The GOP in Ingham is diverse and committed to getting Republicans elected. 
In 2008 I was asked to participate in a series of debates in Detroit on behalf of John McCain.  Though McCain was not my choice and even after he withdrew from Michigan, I showed up in Detroit to talk about the Republican Party.  As chair of Ingham County I have picked up a county commission seat in a very blue county.  I am able to work with all groups and all people without compromising my own principles."
And we at I.U. News think both of the Tarver's worked with Blood-Libel Far, Far Right Wing forces to make Clint's "Hot Dog" cart attack appear more than what it was. Normally Mr. Tarver -as noted in the video below- "pork on a bun" cart is a professional food service cart and a not -as in the picture above- a cheap table with a milk cart type of small business operation.

Wonder why Mr. Tarver didn't bring his professional food service "hot dog cart" to the rally? Maybe any media resources that might interview Mr. Tarver, should ask him this question.

So its' not out of the rim of possibly that the "pork on a bun" cart knock down story is a falsehood. Especially after a Fox News story about how "Union Supporters" "knocked down" Americans for Prosperity tent on December 11th, at the Capitol. Too bad that story was also revealed to be a FACEPALM fail lie moment, thanks State of Michigan Employee Tom Duckworth. 

The story behind the "tent knock down lie" was also revealed on the popular "Conservative Prime Time" radio show by Host "Cool Mike", were I.U. News & Talk owner Monica RW provides a political Independent-Left prospective about topics discussed on the program each Tuesday at 11:30 PM EDT.

Uh oh! This Americans for Prosperity lie was rebunked in faster than the speed of sound. Now let's take on Mr. "Pork-On-A-Bun" Tarver. Below, we have a professionally made You Tube video  by JC News Flow describing Tarver's Hot Dog Cart story. Take a LOOK at were Tarver is standing in the video. Specifically, look at the building behind him in the second shot. Why, that's no other than Lansing's CITY Hall and not the Capitol building across the street.

Enter Lee Stranahand, columnist and Blood Libel FAR, FAR Right Tea Party -set up Man of the moment. I. U. News and Talk have obtained information from an undisclosed source, Mr. Stranahand just happened to be in Lansing, Michigan for yesterday's Right to Work for Less protests. Wonder why?
So what does the Breitbard point man - Stranhan, Michelle Malkin and Mr. and Ms. Tarver have in common? They're all associated with or are themselves FAR, FAR RIGHT INSANE Tea-Party Blood Libel minded Republicans. Knowing this now, is it that far of a stench to believe Mr. "Pork on a Bun" Carver, who just "happened" to have his cart at a very-pro Labor Protest against "Right to Work for Less" legislation, pushed by Michigan's Republican Party and signed by Governor Rick Snyder (R), supposed "hot dog cart" attack was a SET UP?

Probably so. 

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Monica RW said...

This post is Progressive propaganda at its ugliest.

Monica RW said...

Too bad we're NOT Progressive! Obviously, @pumabydesign001:disqus you didn't read. Independent Underground is Independent-Left. Not Liberal, not Progressive. We call out BOTH side of the political spectrum and have no problem doing so. In the case of THIS STORY, everything contained in it is factual.

Thanks for visiting our news resouce!

Monica RW said...

Does this site have an editor? I believe you were probably referring to Michelle Malkin when you wrote "Michelle Markin" several times. Also, Clint went from Mr. Tarver to Mr. Carver and back to Mr. Tarver. If your editing skills are that bad, I have to question how well your fact-finding skills may be.

Monica RW said...

Everything is absolutely NOT factual. His name is not Mr. Carver. If you can't even get the subjects name right... what else did you get wrong?
That's all.

Monica RW said...

So we're are the spelling police huh @disqus_9ohfHaXBzA:disqus ? The point is the STORY IS FACTUAL.

Ms. Tarver is a Tea-Party Blood Libel Based Republican, Ms. Malkin is the same and Mr. Stranahand....who knows what he's about but I'm sure he's making money at what he does due to blind sheep like you.

As for Mr. Tarver, he was in our opinion, all involved in this "set up". He has a PROFESSIONAL food service "pork on a bun" cart. Noting this, why would he bring a cheap Walmart type plastic table and a milk crate to a "rally" to "sell" hot dogs when AFSCME was giving their hot dogs away FOR FREE! Think about this Scott.

Unless it was to have his Grade F "food service" set up, knocked down on purpose.


Monica RW said...

Hey @disqus_9ohfHaXBzA:disqus .... you read the story, right? And the facts are right on point, so your point is?

Monica RW said...

Actually, Clint (Mr. Tarver) was hired to cater the AFP tent. They paid him to have hot dogs inside the tent. He was not selling the hot dogs from his cart. This post is full of inaccuracies. I am a Liberal. Proud to be one! I was there Tuesday and was saddened by what happened to Clint. He was doing a job he was paid to do, by a group (many contract him, including the Democratic Caucus at the House). This is a conspiracy theory, propaganda piece and no where near real journalism.

Monica RW said...

Allow us two minutes to dispute the information here. So, Mr. Tarver, who's wife is the Michigan Republican Party Ethnic Committee Vice Chair, just happened to be invited to set up his "pork on a bun" table (not his Professional Food Service Cart, just the table) and a Milk the America for Prosperity "front group" for the Koch Brothers. Okay.

Now since it has been proven that AFP set up the supposedly "knock down" of their tent this day (read up) and instead of bringing his PROFESSIONAL FOOD SERVICE set up, Mr. Tarver instead bought a Grade F level type of operation to serve FOOD on Tuesday to approximately 12K people.....

And AFSCME was GIVING AWAY for FREE Hot Dogs and Water at this event (again, read up),... you're swearing that Mr. Tarver was just a innocent bystander to actions that the AFP did, which has been PROVEN?

Sorry, we think this is a lie and this story is not a "stretch" in anyway. In fact, its' right on point.

But, have a great day @c513367a404eba57b20ad92a0061d61c:disqus !

Monica RW said...

Yes, he wasn't just "invited" he was PAID to set up his hot dogs provide FREE hot dogs to the people in the AFP tent. He was not serving 12,000 people he was serving the 10 there for Americans for Prosperity. There is no correlation to him and the fact that AFSCME was giving out hot dogs, because he WASNT SELLING THEM. He too was giving them away. Also, there were TWO AFP tents there Tuesday.

Where was it PROVEN that they set up the tear down of their own tent? Just because you say it doesn't make it true. I suppose you believe that after the tent came down and when he went back to get his stuff that the racial slurs and insults were being hurled by the AFP folks too.

Look, I HATE AFP and everything they stand for, but you are implying that this was some grand conspiracy. People like you and propaganda like this "story" are exactly what is wrong with our political system. When something is wrong it is wrong. Don't make excuses or try and make up theories.

I'm beginning to wonder if you were actually there. I was standing by the tent when it came down. Saw the fighting and the pushing. I also know that it was the Laborers handing out hot dogs not AFSCME. Event the simple things you have written about are untrue. I agree with Scott, how can we believe anything posted here when you can't even get trivial facts straight.

Here are some FACTS:

I am a liberal. I was there Tuesday. I saw the tent come down. This is a travesty. Your "reporting" sucks. Those are the facts of the matter.

Clint Tarver did nothing wrong, regardless of his wife being a Republican. He has been hired by the Dems and Republicans to cater events before. It is a shame that anyone would try and place the blame on the victim especially some place claiming to be "news."

Monica RW said...

So if you're black and a conservative the far left have a right to beat you up and destroy your business. Is that what these Union goons and left offer America? Where is the right to be free to believe what you want?

Monica RW said...

So what if he was or wasn't. In America both Conservatives and Liberals have a lawful right to speak their opinions without being attacked! Has the rules changed? Are we going to call Blacks the N word if they do assimilate to the party?

Monica RW said...

Great post! Thanks!

Monica RW said...

This statement says it all about your "supposed" defense of AFP an Mr. Tarver...

I am a liberal. I was there Tuesday. I saw the tent come down. This is a travesty. Your "reporting" sucks. Those are the facts of the matter.

How many times must you say you're a LIBERAL? Let's count, shall we....three. So that is suppose to magically make your account of events, credible?

The fact you MUST REPEATEDLY self-identify yourself as LIBERAL, makes your continued "comments" on this story questionable.

Again @c513367a404eba57b20ad92a0061d61c:disqus, have a nice day!

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