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Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome To Independent Underground Radio LIVE & Our New Radio Co-Host Rhonda T.

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The show is BACK, Independent Underground Radio LIVE (formerly ROJS Radio LIVE) that is, or for short I.U. Radio - COMMON SENSE POLITICAL RADIO - at its finest.

We've missed talking with our readers, show listeners and over 15K live & archived MONTHLY downloads following thoughts and opinions we have about politics, careers, breaking news and more.

During our hiatus we pondered about the show, whether to continue this program, if we did go forward what Independent Underground would represent, along with a litany of other ideas focused on improving the show. With such, we strongly believe a right formula has been mixed (off the internet of course) representing I.U. News & Radio stands for.

Let's began by clarifying our stance.

We are not a liberal or conservative blog. We are not a Progressive blog (other resources can claim that title).

I.U. does believe in promoting necessary change. We are not radical left or right. Instead, I.U. chooses to align our mission based on SANITY BASED Independent-Left minded discussions.

With such, we accept finding common-sense solutions to everyday problems. When politicians from the left, right or middle are off track, I.U. can and will call them out.

We believe in the principles of a fair days pay for a fair days work, the right of workers to unionize and bargain, protecting Middle Class Americans, supporting small and medium size businesses and everyone financially impacted by America's economy.

If we believe an idea is wrong, I.U. will say its' wrong, and strongly support programs assisting the 47% and 98%. We believe in Slow Food, Slow Money and Localization of our money to support businesses within our community.

I.U. appreciates the business community yet, monopolized organizations like Walmart, G.E., Comcast, Chase, CitiBank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and many more have grew too large, in our strong opinion. Instead of providing Americans with an reasonable means of income and fair services/products; they widely practice elimination of true competition principles from Small and Medium size businesses. This is not how America was build and frankly, this type of mentally is dead wrong.

One other point we want to speak about is the radicals. These highly delusional Americans exist on both sides of the political spectrum: right and left. When a group, organization or person dare to questions the who, what, where and why certain position are taken: their radical, "blood-libel" based, troll nature, high-school regressive mentally comes out in full force.

Here's a suggestion for the Left and Right Radicals. Stay away, far away from Independent Underground News and Radio LIVE. 

We'll write and speak ideas that will make you mad, angry and downright pissed. I.U. will not  sugarcoat our message for "go along-get along" intellectual mindset. We don't represent these principles at Independent Underground News & Radio LIVE and never will!

Now for our AWESOME announcement (Drumroll, please).....

Photo Credit - Rhonda T.
We welcome onto I.U. Radio LIVE family as our new Co-Host, 99er Advocate, Blogger and Political Expert Rhonda Taylor, from Ohio.

Rhonda's background include principle organizer of the "99er Movement" supporting America's exhausted from all Federal Unemployment Extensions. She has appeared as Political Analyst and Full-Employment Advocate on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, 60 Minutes, the Ed Schultz Show, MSNBC, the Aylona Show and RT News just to name a few.

The I.U. Radio Family look forward to Rhonda's insight and opinions on the program starting Saturday, December 8, 2012 @ 11:00 AM ET.

Until Rhonda steps up to the mic, our Saturday, December 1st program will welcome guest Co-Host Germaine Thompson/GGT 183 from the highly popular Conservative Prime Time Show on Blog Talk Radio! Tune in at 11:00 AM ET sharp as we discuss the following:

"The fix to destroy public education in Michigan has been in the works for nearly two decades. Amazingly, after the "experimental" test model was used in Detroit Public School District during this time, suburban "less minority" school districts are now "up in arms" regarding a series of Michigan House & Senate Bills. 
I.U. Radio LIVE will discuss the plan to destroy public education in Michigan, along with what the real deal on Ambassador Susan Rice nomination debate, Washington D.C. Fiscal Cliff drama and more."
Listen, Call-In and Challenge debate during our show in the chat room or by calling in 347-934--0185.

Now since you know what the newly titled Independent Underground News and Radio LIVE stand for, will YOU JOIN US? To do so, become one of our newest I.U. SANITY NATION FANS RIGHT NOW on Facebook at the following link.

Independent Underground Radio LIVE seeks to bring a different type of SANITY Media into the Mainstay with over 15K monthly podcast listeners and growing!
Join into our active Facebook Fan Page Here--> if you support this cause!
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