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Friday, November 2, 2012

ROJS Radio LIVE achieves over 500K lifetime pageviews, over 14K+ monthly podcast listeners & announce new co-host Ken Johnson

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Working close to full-time, running out radio show ROJS Radio LIVE, completing my Graduate program to obtaining a Masters in Business Administration in Organizational Leadership and fulfilling duties as a local elected Park Commissioner makes one person, moi, pretty darn busy these days. Juggling as it seems six balls in air, I felt it was important to inform our loyal readers of this blog and listeners of ROJS Radio LIVE Political SANITY Talk blog that they have NOT been forgotten and are truly appreciated.

As we're plenty busy personally with ROJS Media some important milestones have been reached, with your assistance of course, that we'd love to share with you. First, let's talk about this blog and its' growth. In October 2012, ROJS Radio LIVE Political SANITY Talk Blog reached 500K lifetime pageviews, which is pretty darn good considering we've been writing less articles lately (see why in the first paragraph) and sharing opinions on Michigan & National Politics primarily on our weekly Blog Talk Radio Program, ROJS Radio LIVE. 

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So what's the reason of our success, YOU plain and simple. Without telling others about our articles, sharing information and supporting ROJS Radio LIVE Political SANITY Talk blog on a daily basis, we would not have achieved this level of success. So we THANK YOU and kindly request your continued support into the future.

Next, our daily readers at this blog has been steady average between 1000-1500 page views per day, hitting as high as 2500 hits some days. Now, we understand that these numbers do not put us in the category of some news resources who receive hundreds of thousands or better yet millions of hits daily.

Yet, for a Political, Career and Breaking News blog who receives no corporate, special interests or political party partisan type of funding -better described as paid Public Relations spin seen on any cable news channel and most mainstream political radio shows lately - we're proud of each person that read the material written on this blog and THANK YOU again.

Next, let's discuss the tremendous growth because of YOU for ROJS Radio LIVE Political SANITY Talk Show podcast on the streamed via Blog Talk Radio Network. We gained our first exclusive sponsor with, offering a great deal for our monthly listeners of the podcast. 

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Live and Download Listenership
Numbers for ROJS Radio LIVE
Political SANITY Talk moving
upward, thanks to our supporters!
Just for signing up for a 30 Day Trial, has offered ROJS Radio LIVE Political SANITY Talk listeners one free Audiobook and 30% off of any other audiobooks purchased during the trial that can be downloaded to your computer, MP.3 device or on Android or i-Tunes.

Keep the trial after the 30 day period and you'll STILL receive one free Audiobook and 30% off of other purchased reading materials. If you cancel the trial on or prior to the 30 day period, you'll owe nothing, nada, zilch. So, take advantage of this trail and support ROJS Radio LIVE Political SANITY Talk program today at

Also, we're are PROUD to announce during the month of October 2012, our podcast program achieved an astounding 14,138 LIVE and ARCHIVED LISTENS! Our October 2012 accomplishment comes on top of total Download and LIVE listen numbers of 8,723 in August and 6,566 in September 2012. 

Photo Credit- ROJS Radio LIVE
Welcomes Co-Host Ken Johnson
to the Program of ROJS Radio LIVE
Political SANITY Talk
Again, we THANK YOU for sharing our weekend based podcast which recently celebrated its' two year anniversary on the Blog Talk Radio Network, with others along with interviewing top expert guests in Political and Career fields who've offered valuable information to ROJS Radio LIVE Political SANITY Talk listeners.

So what's the future plans for ROJS Radio LIVE Political SANITY Talk Blog and Radio Show?

Our new Co-Host Ken Johnson brings an expanded viewpoint on political discussions with his Independent-Right stance on issues impacting our state of Michigan and Nationally. Additionally, we're pleased to announce that Ken is now the permanent Co-Host of ROJS Radio LIVE along with Monica RW, the Executive Producer and fellow Co-Host on the program.

Speaking of the show, our format has changed for the better, as evidenced via the program LIVE and ARCHIVED podcast numbers! The format specifically focuses on providing a well-round analysis from the left, right and independent political spectrum regarding important issues impacting America's Middle and Lower Classes.

This stance is based upon our view in a politically divided electorate, folks are frankly tired of hearing mainstream and cable news media hyper-partisanship "reporting" on talk radio, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN and a majority of online outlets. ROJS Radio LIVE Political SANITY Talk Program will continue to provide our groundbreaker format of balanced discussion inviting all guests experts and interviewees from any side - or no side at all - of the political and career aspect aisles. We hope you continue to support the direction ROJS Media will partake into the future, as we grow our blog and podcast show.

ROJS Media is actively seeking sponsors and listeners who support a balanced perspective on Political and Careers discussion issues. To obtain information on advertising, sponsoring segments on ROJS Radio LIVE or donating resources to our mission - described in the above paragraph - just reach out to us via email at or donate what you can via the PayPal Donation Button located on the upper left hand side of this blog.

Finally, if you have a community-based or non-profit event, ROJS Radio LIVE Program will announce it to our over 14K + listeners nationwide for FREE during the shows Public Service Announcement segment, at the end of our show. Forward the information by sending us an email today! Allow for at least a two week notification timeframe prior to the date of your event.

ROJS Radio LIVE seeks to bring a different type of SANITY Media into the Mainstay with over 12K monthly podcast listeners and growing!
Join into our active Facebook Fan Page Here--> if you support this cause!
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