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Friday, November 2, 2012

Op/Ed - The state of Michigan Politics is shameful as Gov. Snyder supports 'perpetrated election frauder' Jase Bolger reelection


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What has the state of Michigan Politics turned into? This is a valid question in light of information presented in an article on Wednesday, October 31st. Heck, we are wondering ourselves if our beloved state political climate is corrupt beyond the point of no return.

From on October 31st article:
"Here is the text of the ad from Gongwer: 
“Jase Bolger is a great partner in getting Michigan back on track. As a result of tough choices, we balanced the budget, we’re paying down our debts, and more jobs are being created. Some of these changes have upset the special interests, but they were the right things to do for our state and our children. We need strong leaders like Jase to keep Michigan moving forward. Let’s not turn back now. This is Rick Snyder, please vote to keep Jase Bolger working for you.” 
According to the most recent campaign finance reports, released Friday, Snyder's PAC, One Tough Nerd PAC, gave Bolger's reelection committee $5,000. He also gave $5,000 to 16 other candidates running for state house."
So exactly what are we talking about here?

Remember over the summer -seems as if it was so far away in the end of this political season but, its' not - when the cusp of a political scandal of enormous portions was revealed. Let's refresh our memories shall we.

Speaker of the Michigan House of Representative Jase Bolger (R) and former Democrat turned in May 2012 Republican House Representative Roy Schmidt paid 22 year old Matt Mozack $450.00 to run as a fake Democrat against Schmidt.

Now, this is not a out of the blue story. In other words, this really happened and even Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth, who is a Republican himself, went as far to call the actions of Schmidt and Bolger "perpetrated election fraud". Prosecutor Forsyth failed to file charges in this case citing no outstanding case law, at his disposal. 

Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said she would see if Schmidt and Bolger actions constituted election fraud but nothing but silence have been heard of her "investigative" results.

In Ingham County, where Bolger and Schmidt while on-the-job in our State Capitol Building on Michigan Avenue, while collecting taxpayer funded paychecks conjugated this scheme, a Grand Jury decision on if criminal charges of some sort should go forward appears to have been put off until after November 6th election.

There are Michigan Civil Service Rules forbidding "Personal Work on State Employee Work Time" that would lead any other non-legislative, executive or judicial branch worker in the middle of a Memorandum questionnaire and disciple investigation still, right now. The rule is set in place to ensure state employees -and should equally apply for elected officials- are doing the people's work during hours paid by Michigan's taxpayers dollars, and not their own.

Yet somehow Bolger and Schmidt who also receive taxpayer funded paychecks, similar to employees at your local Department of State, Secretary of State Branch are exempt we guess, because they're hired by an election instead getting hired though a formal interview process.

Therefore, it was very surprising this week when Michigan's C.E.O. in Chief, Governor Rick Snyder (R) who promised earlier in the year he would not weigh in on the Bolger/Schmidt scandal until Ingham County Grand Jury issues a ruling, came out in full support of Representative Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) reelection

No seriously, what was Gov. Snyder thinking at the moment he made a radio commercial played within the 63rd District for Rep. Bolger? Did it go something on the lines of "since the Bolger/Schmidt scandal story has been lost in our media cycle, residents somehow forgot that 'perpetrated election fraud' is election fraud indeed I support, if a Republican does it".

Because frankly Governor Snyder, that is exactly what your "endorsements" of Michigan Speaker of the House Jase Bolger (R) reelection, looks like and we expected higher standards from you. Governor Snyder whether residents voted for you in 2010 or not, you have a seat of the highest elect leadership office in Michigan. With such no Governor Snyder, you should not have weighed period ,Rep. Jase Bolger (R) tight race against Democratic challenger Bill Farmer in the 63th District.

If Rep. Bolger (R) was less concerned about his inability to allow for voters to decide the end results of a race in Rep. Schmidt's heavily Republican lending Grand Rapids community of the 76th District, and more focused ensuring legislation is property debated in the People's Capitol building, he wouldn't be worried about holding on to his seat. 

As for Rep. Schmidt, the people of Grand Rapids and surrounding areas will decide if he should be trusted to serve another term after his part in the "perpetrated election fraud" scandal, against write in Republican challenger Bing Goei and Democrat Winnie Binks. Maybe Gov. Snyder you made a commercial for Schmidt also but, ironically we haven't heard about this, but five days are left yet to do if you so choose.

In the end, its' downright sad this is where the state of Michigan Politics has ended up, where election fraud, Republican style, is ad-hoc supported by our highest legislative leader.

Its' nearly on the level as if but she didn't, former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) supported former Mayor of Detroit -now on trial for Federal Racketeering and Corruption charges -Kwame Kirkpatrick's reelection bid before he was removed from office by guess who, Governor Jennifer Granholm after a state felony conviction.

At least someone could put what's in the people's best interest before partisan based party loyalty in Michigan's Political scene, right?

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