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Thursday, October 4, 2012

(VIDEO)Op/Ed- MSNBC's 'progressive pundits' spin by knocking down President Obama's debate performance

Photo Credit-Denver
President Barack Obama (D) and challenger former
Gov. Mitt Romney (R) waver at crowd after Thursday,
October 3rd debate.
ROJS News Op/Ed

Did the media watch Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R)/ President Barack Obama (D) first debate?

No really, did the corporate owned, lock, stock and barrel 'news' media listen to the same exchange of ideas that played on our television screens onWednesday, October 3rd?

Listen to some of the commentary of self-described "progressive news" channel MSNBC.

MSNBC Post-Debate Analysis on October 3, 2012
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Wow, the "progressive stallworths" so was thought of Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz threw President Obama debate performance completely up under the bus. Then back up with running over the President's counterpoint words with eight bus sized tires on Thursday evening.

ROJS News participated in live tweeting via Facebook some of the counterpoints President Obama made tonight to GOP Candidate for President, Mitt Romney.
"I will take ideas from anyone as long they are looking to make middle class families stronger and advancing the needs of the middle class," President Obama.
"This is where budgets manner because budgets dictate choices," President Obama.
"The first role of the Federal Gov't is to keep that people safe. I also believe the American gov't should open up avenues for people to succeed," President Obama.
"When Gov. Romney says that he will set up a better plan, but has yet to say with what? At some point, I think the American people have to ask themselves is Gov. Romney keeping all these plans (to repeal and replace) things to himself, because they're too good?" President Obama.
"The ironic thing is, we seen this plan work really well (the Affordable Healthcare Act) in Massachusetts," President Obama.
"Gov. Romney said that he wants to repeal Dodd-Frank. The question is that does anyone think that the problem we had (with the economic crisis) was too much regulation? If so, Gov. Romney is your guy," President Obama.
"Then what you have is folks like my Grandmother at the mercy of the health insurance company at the most (needy) times in their lives. Turning Medicare into a voucher program is not the way to go," President Obama.
"The way for us to deal with Medicare is to deal with costs. When it comes to Social Security, you don't need a major structural change when it comes to dealing with Social Security," President Obama.
Again, what debate was the folks at MSNBC watching? Obviously not this one on October 3rd.

Well at least one of two of the corporate owned talking news pundits got the analysis right, for what was at best a tie between the two candidates, over wrongly describing this exchange of ideas as a full blown knockout for President Obama. They would be National Action Network, host of Politics Nation Rev. Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews, host of Hardball.

MSNBC Post-Debate Analysis Part-2 on October 3, 2012
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Here is the skinny folks.

President Obama repeatedly pointed out Mitt Romney misstatements during this debate. Moderator Jim Lear was highly ineffective with controlling his debate format. MSNBC, the channel most self-described "progressives" support by viewing Ratings + Dollars failed for the most part to point out how the President counteracted Gov. Romney's inconsistent statements with counterpoints.

Many "self-described progressives" will continue to watch MSNBC's next story of the 72 hour news cycle -because they must ride out the story on how President Obama supposedly blew this first debate for all the media attention and dollars it's worth. That is until next week, when Vice-President Joe Biden (D) "magically saves" President Obama with his debate performance against GOP V.P. Candidate Paul Ryan (R). 

Ironically, the same corporate owned and operated cable news channel during its' day and night-time programming up to the debate, hyped up this October 3rd discussions of ideas. Their words sounded in part similar to how Gov. Mitt Romney need to enter the debate arena with "boxing gloves" on to win, along with President Obama "probably not being up to the task, not having to debate in the last four years". 

Sadly, a large portion of the self-described "progressives" will continue watching these corporated owned and paid political pundits tomorrow, next week, next month and until the election on November 6th. Living and breathing on each of their words as "gospel as we know it".

Yet, the same "progressives" refuse in most cases support by listening into or two or sharing links with a friend alternative media resources Free Speech TV, Current TV, RT News, Democracy Now. Nor do they support the thousands of podcasters and bloggers on the web who are not owned lock, stock and barrel by corporate brought media resources who need to create "drama" in a story to "hype it up" for ratings.

TIME TO WAKE UP FOLKS from the propaganda they're feeding you and support true alternative media!

Meanwhile, tune into the Free for All Presidential Debate with alternative third-party candidate for President Libertarian Party Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson on October 23rd. This debate will be held at the University Club of Chicago and will broadcast online at

Wonder where the MSNBC's "progressive" pundits will be on October 23rd? Probably not covering this debate in Chicago, as its' doesn't fit into the "propagandic nature agenda" now does it?

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