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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Changes ahead for ROJS Media, ROJS News & ROJS Radio LIVE


It's been awhile since we talked here on the blog. Meanwhile thank you readers of ROJS News for sticking with us during this latest tradition, and let's talk about this shall we.

First, if you noticed the title name of our blog page has changed to ROJS Radio LIVE Sanity Political Talk. The reasoning behind our name change is that ROJS Media focus going forward will be providing podcast-based informational content though our main aggregation service of Blog Talk Radio for over 2 years, along with i-Tunes, Stitcher, Learn Out Loud, Blubrry and Miro.

Next, our content course will be tailored to ROJS Radio's Live and Archived podcast's first, along informational and Op/Ed's articles second. This change is centered around primary resource of material is the ROJS Radio LIVE program, with article creation taking a secondary approach.

Photo Credit-Ken Johnson
ROJS Radio LIVE new permanent
Co- Host Ken Johnson

Furthermore, a change has been made in ROJS Radio LIVE host structure and mission. Autumn Smith, who wonderfully served as Co-Host of the show since October 2011, has decided to step down from her role with ROJS Media. We have deeply appreciated Autumn's service, opinions and viewpoints on the program. Likewise we expect to read, see and hear Autumn excel in the wide World of Alternative Media in the near future.

We're pleased to announce former fill-in Co-Host of ROJS Radio LIVE, Ken Johnson will be taken over as a permanent voice with the program starting Saturday, October 20th at 11:00 AM EDT. Ken brings a unique perspective of balance onto ROJS Radio LIVE, with his fiery Independent-Right political point of view. Tune in this Saturday to warmly welcome Ken on the show.

Finally, let's touch on the mission of ROJS Radio LIVE Political Sanity Talk going forward. ROJS Radio LIVE strives to be the premier source of politically balanced alternative media discussion from a Independent Left & Right viewpoint. The matrix of ROJS Radio LIVE including being a medium for those embarking into a higher level of discussion from high partisan nature frequency seen, heard and viewed with our Mainstream Media resources.

Thanks again for sticking in with us and the best is yet to come!

ROJS Radio LIVE seeks to bring a different type of SANITY Media into the Mainstay with over 10K monthly podcast listeners and growing!
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