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Thursday, September 27, 2012

VIDEO OF THE DAY: DNC newest web-ad contrast & compares GOP Candidate Mitt Romney's statements

Photo Credit-NY Daily News
The Democratic National Committee is out with
a new web-ad, contrasting GOP Presidential Candidate
Mitt Romney statements during the campaign, with
recent video.
ROJS News: Video of the Day

The Democratic National Committee has framed a web advertisement taking  words of GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney in a commercial and comparing his statements against verbiage used by the former one-term Massachusetts governor on the trail.

In the .36 section web-ad Romney's speaks on Americans troubles with finding work, financial struggles in the economy and claim he's newly concerned about needs of poor and middle class families. Only problem with GOP Presidential Candidate Romney statements in his video, are the other "off the cliff" remarks on the campaign trial and in private fundraising events. 

Romney's recent about 47% of voters who believe they're entitled to food and health care, his $10K bet during a RNC debate with Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and statements about the very poor, leaves Romney with a dialect continuum that the DNC highlights in this video.

According to the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll cites President Barack Obama with an approval rating 51% rating in the latest three-day rolling average, from Sept. 23-25. Additionally, if the November 6th election was held today, Obama would win in the popular vote over Mitt Romney by an 50% to 44% margin, from a Gallup poll taken Sept. 19-25. 

During a recent campaign stop in Dayton, Ohio, Romney filling his race for President slipping from underneath him, trailing Obama's 53% approval rating in the state, had to remind rally attendees he was on top of the GOP Presidential ticket when supporters started shouting "RYAN, RYAN". 

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