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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Romney/Ryan and GOP Super-PAC's pull ad buys in Michigan and Pennsylvania

Are GOP President and Vice-Presidential Candidates
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan saying goodbye to
chances of winning their home states as ads buys
are focused elsewhere?
The latest advertising buys from GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and Vice-President nominee Paul Ryan (R-WI) appears to show both have given up three months to November 6th, on winning their home states. 

According to Talking Point Memo online, if Republicans believe the win percentage would get closer in the future, they could return ads buys on  Michigan and Pennsylvania airwaves. The Romney campaign has no ads buys scheduled in Wisconsin, Representative Paul Ryan's home state.
"The Romney campaign and conservative groups like Crossroads GPS have pulled TV ads in Michigan, Romney’s home state, according to the Detroit News. Nor are the campaign and super PACs running advertising in Pennsylvania, after unleashing a barrage there over the past five months. 
It is still possible for groups to purchase TV advertising in either state at a later date. The PollTracker Averages show President Obama ahead 48.9 percent to 45.4 percent in Michigan, and in Pennsylvania, where he leads 49.9 percent to 41.4 percent."
Probably on pulling the ads could surround the highly publicize debate in Pennsylvania to suppress voting by requiring voter ID's, along with the continuing possible election fraud scandal in Michigan involving Speaker of the Michigan House Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) and State Representative Roy Schmidt (R).

In Pennsylvania, its' strict Voter ID law fate will be decided the State Supreme Court on September 13th after a lower court ruling upheld it. The state legislation demands that voters supply photo identification before casting a ballot. Republican supporters of the law characterize it an effort to combat voter fraud. Democrats, contend the supposed fraud is next to nonexistent and the law is really  disguised to suppress voters.

An effort requiring Michigan voters to verify citizenship at the poll headed via Michigan by Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson's "Secure and Fair voter Initiative" package, was vetoed by Republican Governor Rick Snyder in early August.

In Michigan House of Representatives, Republicans and their leadership are engaged in a scandal of "perpetrated election fraud" being reviewed before a Ingham County, Michigan Grand Jury. 

The "perpetrated election fraud" surrounds Republican Speaker of the House Jase Bolger and State Rep. Roy Schmidt tried to pay Matt Mozack 22, $450.00 to run as a "fake democrat" candidate, against Schmidt who this year switched from Democratic to the Republican party.

Further suppressing Romney's efforts to win his home state includes Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) and Congressmen Pete Hoekstra (R) Senate race, were Stabenow leads her challenger by anywhere from a 4.2% to 9% margin according to Real Clear Politics data.

In Wisconsin, Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (R) challenger Rob Zerban (D) has raised according to Kenosha News $1.2 million in campaign funds. In comparison $4.3 million dollars has raised by Ryan, but Zerban believes contributions will pick up as Ryan and Romney's Presidential ticket race towards November.

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