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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Op/Ed: THANK YOU Bill Clinton making the case for President Barack Obama's re-election

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In one hour and fifteen minutes, President Bill Clinton a way only he can, made the case for Re-Electing President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden.

With that, THANK YOU BILL!

"WE BELIEVE we're ALL IN THIS TOGETHER is a better philosophy than You are on your own!!"

"One of the reasons to re-elect Barack Obama is that he is still committed to CONSTRUCTIVE COOPERATION!"

"Democracy is not a BLOOD SPORT! It is a valuable enterprise that expands the PUBLIC INTEREST!!"

"President Obama record is partnership over partisanship. WE NEED MORE of it in Washington, D.C."

"(THE GOP) want to go back to the same on policies that got us in trouble in the FIRST PLACE. "


"Renew the Presidents' (Obama) Contract, you will feel it. WITH ALL MY HEART, I believe it!!"

"President Obama +4.5 million jobs, Congressional Republicans ZERO!"

"Obama 250 Thousand Plus Jobs (automobile jobs), Romney "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" ZERO!!"

"No one (with President Obama) education plan will have to drop out of college for fear they can't pay their debt. Their debt will be aligned with their income (whatever their income is)."

"Health care cost increases have been under 4% in the last three years (under President Obama's leadership). This has not happen the LAST 50 YEARS!!!"

"The claim that President Obama weaken Welfare to Work requirements are JUST NOT TRUE!!"

"We have to DEAL with this long-term DEBT problem or it will DEAL with us!!"

"Republican ECONOMIC policy defy ARITHMETIC. We CANNOT GIVES the reins of Government to someone that will DOUBLE DOWN on TRICKLE DOWN!"

"If you want a "We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER SOCIETY" vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden!!"

"If you want PEACE in this WORLD, you have to vote for Barack Obama!"

"If you believe in the Cause of FORMING A MORE PERFECT UNION! If you believe this YOU MUST VOTE FOR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!"

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