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Friday, September 7, 2012

Op/Ed: Complaints without political solutions fail to heal middle/lower class woes

ROJS News Op/Ed

Solutions v.s. Complaining. Actions v.s. Inaction. Both are easy words to understand, yet there are differences between to two. Solutions/Actions include seeking alternative opinions for the issue, cause or problems one might strongly feel should and must be changed. Complaining/Inaction compose of discussing problems endlessly without one clear plan to address ones grievances.

This is where I have to fault myself. Maybe I spend too much time on the internet or worst Facebook. When reading many status posts and keyboarded discussions of the mind, my thoughts are focused upon intuitions of how our current political system is a failure, without taking concrete actions to change it.

Follow me here. In this election with a bit of research, there are choices running for the Presidency of our United States than Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Other political parties exist. 

Jill Stein is partaking in candidacy for President with the Green Party, as well as Gary Johnson with the Libertarian Party. It is the responsibly of potential voters to learn about their positions and decide accordingly if the change they seek align with issues they hold dear.

But, complaining for the sense of reading ones own thoughts is a right we have in this society. Attempting to influences others to disregard a Constitutional Right that others, before our existence on this Earth have fought and died for, is another issue.

That's what I see and have read lately. The open question is why?

I have some thoughts of my own on this. 

History has proven time and time again, Presidential candidates falling short of our personal expectations, have been reelected. President Bill Clinton (who to this day is my favorite former Commander-in-Chief) fallen short in his actions of signing NAFTA or Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 came into law. Yet, we forget that in 1994 some by complaining along with some choosing not to vote, lessen his legislative authority by a lost of control of the House of Representatives. 

At that point, he had to negotiate with Republicans to pass any pending legislation. Thus how NAFTA and Financial Services Modernization Act became laws some (including myself) despise decades later. Bill Clinton did lead our Nation our of a deficit into a surplus and 4% unemployment widely known in economic circles as "full employment". Clinton was re-elected by a wide margin in 1996 regardless of his marital failings, and lying under oath about them.

Flash forward twelve years later. President Barack Obama, as candidate Obama, came into office with Hope and Change. Obama risked valuable political capital to enact the Affordable Health Care Act as his signature piece of legislation in his first term as President. 

President Obama hired Tim Geithner Treasury Secretary, failed to mandate banks negotiate with home owners impacted by President Bush II economic crisis on principal versus interest, and failed to continue retraining long-term unemployed individuals/99ers with funding contained in the 2009 stimulus. Some strongly feel he does not deserve in anyway a reelection due to a combination of these actions. 

What amazing is they fail to acknowledge President Obama/Democratic party losing the House of Representatives in 2010 (more likely than not by complainers staying home instead of voting) had a HUGE part in blocking pending legislation seeking to address these important issues. 

So what is the difference here between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama? Really, not much except for one outward feature anyone with a set of eyes can see or be told, if they're blind. Why are some holding President Obama to a different standard of compliance than President Bill Clinton, who was WIDELY reelected in 1996? That's a question people who are encouraging you not to vote, should answer.

In the end, whether you vote for Obama, Stein or Johnson, a vote for Romney is a vote against your best interest. Romney/Ryan have stated time and time again on the record that if you're not a part of the top 5% in wealth earners in this nation, your individual interest's -whatever they might be- is not on their radar. 

Voting for a Presidential candidate is a Constitutional RIGHT! Listening to anyone complaining without offering alternatives or true solutions besides "just stay home to show Obama something" is not doing anything but hurting your family, community and own self-interest. 

Reading this dibble not to vote is about as meaningful as someone handling you a buck, then telling you to go by a car. I.E.-Useless.

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