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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Op/Ed: As searches for 'voter fraud' render minimal results; focus must be on voter accessibly to election ballots

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ROJS News Op/Ed

As Republicans Secretary of State's and Election Officials search for related incidents of "voter fraud", finding minimal proof such fraud exist in nations' current election system, early voting has started within a number of states including in Michigan.

The Associated Press via MLive article September 25th article highlighted that out of Michigan's over 7 million potential voters, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (R) department only 1,000 "non-citizens" on the state voter rolls.
Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, a Republican, last week estimated that as many as 4,000  noncitizens are on the state's voter roll. 
The department said it verified 1,000 registered voters who are noncitizens, based on an analysis of about 20 percent of complete citizenship data. She extrapolated the 4,000 number from the most recent U.S. Census' five-year American Community Survey, which showed Michigan has a noncitizen population of about 304,000.
That's as far as the investigation has gone. The figures have not been verified.
Nothing that "voter fraud" in Michigan is very minimal or nearly non-existent, accessibly or access for State Voters taking part during November 6th General Election should be the main focus.

Rules for Michiganders seeking to take part in Absentee voting include either driving to and/or contacting by phone or mail the voters local and/or county elections clerk office. The two front and back page ballot also can be mailed to voters if transportation, distance or disability prevents state residents from driving for obtaining the official election documentation.

State Election Procedure cites that potential voters need a reason or a "excuse" for taking part in absentee voting. County and Local election clerks generally accept voters requests for an absentee ballot if the resident is over 60 years old, travel or an inaccessibility prevents state residents from attend delegated polling locations on November 6, 2012.

Michigan residents on out of state or overseas military assignments can request an absentee be mailed to their current location. Prior to voting sample ballots can be viewed via Michigan County Clerk Websites.

Washtenaw County's Election Division of the County Clerk/Register's Office which coordinates and administers all federal, state and local elections in the Count posted a November General Election sample ballot here. The ballot includes information on each candidate for office in federal, state, local and school board elections, along with official ballot language for Michigan's six proposals.

Michigan residents have until October 6, 2012 or 30 days before the November 6th General Election to register to vote at their local Secretary of State office, county, city or township clerks office. Potential voters and state residents who are unsure if they're registered to vote in Michigan, can review this information on the Michigan Votes website.

Voters experiencing issues with accessing ballot or experiencing questionable incidents of intimidation at polling locations can call Election Protection Organization at 1-866-Our-Vote for assistance.

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