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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Op/Ed: GOP Utah U.S. House Candidate Mia Love receives objectionable photos; timing raises questions

Utah Mayor and U.S. House Candidate
Mia Love (R) receives questionable pictures
from KKK member, yet casts blame about
incident on her disagreements with President
 Obama policies.
ROJS News Op/Ed

The Haitian-American Republican, Mia Love, vying to become a U.S. Representative for Utah's 4th Congressional District seems to have played a bit of 'race-card association' politics possibly in a effort to win a contested election.

Saratoga Springs, Utah Mayor and one of the few brownskin headline speakers during August's Republican National Convention, Mayor Love received an envelope containing photos showing the candidate, her husband, a hooded Klu Klux Klan member, along pictures of aborted fetuses according to a Desert News report on September 25th.

Undoubtedly these events, intensified by the hyper-partisan nature of today's modern day political scene are condemned. Shocking beyond the pictures was Mayor Love's statement, indirectly attempting to laid blame for the questionable snapshots on possible supporters of President Barack Obama's administration.

From the Desert News on September 25th:
Love said she believes she's a target because she poses a problem to the policies of the Obama administration. She said the threats are meant to divert her from the issues in the race.

"I knew that people would come after me," Love said. "I knew that people would try to change and distort information so I'm going to focus on things that are really important."
Really? We're trying to understand any connection between this Haitian-American Female Mayor from a little known town in Utah, where the states' population of brown skinned residents according to U.S. Census 2011 data is 1.3% of 2,817,222 residents, and Love's receipt of pictures showing aborted fetuses in the mail have to do with her disagreements with President Obama policies.

Frankly this 'non-relationship' resembles a bit of stretching the truth during political campaign or a lame attempt at reverse 'race-card' name association. 

Remember Mayor Love, the speech you gave during in Tampa, Florida on August 28th at the RNCC, left little doubt of your vehement disagreements with policies that most minorities, working/middle class Americans and the 47% would support.

If some were still confused about your opinions on what options of reproductive choices should exist for Women despite, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision on Roe v.s. Wade, a September 9th interview on Fox News affirmed your positions clear as a view of Utah's high mountain tops on a summer day.

So no Mayor Love, persons' who forwarded pictures of your family, themselves in a KKK 'uniform' and aborted fetuses has no connection -not even in the slightest way- to public policy stances where you differ with the President or his administration. 

Instead suspect is the timing on this story, circling Mainstream media outlets, less than five weeks before the November 6th General Election.

Utah congressional candidate Mia Love and incumbent Jim Matheson clashed Wednesday over federal spending cuts during their first debate ahead of the November elections.
The two disagreed on a number of potential cuts to reduce the federal deficit during a televised debate outside KUTV studios. 
Love has offered a proposal to slash federal programs that provide college loans, among other things. Matheson criticized Love for that plan, saying 75 percent of college students in Utah depend on government aid. 
Love is the mayor of Saratoga Springs and a darling of tea party Republicans who scored a coveted speaking slot at the GOP national convention.

Maximum timing, election year politics and asserting at best loose connections can make or break a hotly contested U.S. House race for a seat in the heart of Washington, D.C. beltway circle, right Ms. Love?

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