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Friday, August 31, 2012

Picture Moments of the Day Thread #Eastwooding with #InvisibleObama

Photo Credit-Zoo With Roy
Clint Eastwood #Eastwooding with 
a Major League Baseball Player 
Catching a Invisible Ball

#Eastwooding has taken over the Twittersphere and ROJS News & Radio LIVE as gotten into the mix.

As most of America knows now, Actor and Director Clint Eastwood overshadowed Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney accepting the nomination in Tampa, FL. Eastwood did what can be called a facepalm moment attempt at acting improv spending most of his time on stage taking to a empty chair that was suppose to represent a #InvisibleObama.

Have fun with our "Friday Pictures Moments of the Day Thread!"

Also, tune into ROJS Radio LIVE Weekend based SANITY Political Talk Saturday, September 1, 2012 Program at 11 AM EDT Sharp; where our guests will be Jeremiah Bannister-Host of Public Reality Radio's Program-Paleo Radio and Kevin Spilter-Director of Med Joint of Kalamazoo, Michigan talking about their participation in the Annual Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.

Photo Credit-Aldaddy
President Barack Obama and 

Former President Bill Clinton
Photo Credit- Arthur Delaney
Delaney #Eastwooding mad at chair
Photo Credit-ROJS News
Clint Eastwood forgot during this speech at the Republican
National Convention that Mitt Obama is a Lawyer too.
#InvisibleObama Rightly Corrects Him.

Photo Credit-Advodad
#InvisibleWhiteHousePressCore #Eastwooding

 by waiting on a#InvisbleObama to speak

Photo Credit-Dave Caolo
#Eastwooding with Grandpa Simpson with 

Old Man Yells at Chair
Photo Credit-W. Paul Jeffery
International #Eastwooding celebrating a 

22nd birthday with 
#InvisibleObamadrinking a beer
Photo Credit-NBC Universal Store
Even NBC via the Universal Store has got into the 

#Eastwooding Act with a Awesome Chair
Photo Credit Leon Krause
Flying with #InvisibleObama while #Eastwooding 

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