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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Op/Ed- Change in direction for ROJS Media

Over two years we've wrote nearly everyday, sometimes two to three times per day about issues impacting communities or perspectives important to our readers and wider audience.

The saying, "Love to Blog" would be a understatement to the time, commitment and belief that ROJS News made a bit of difference providing perspective to issue with impact your daily life. As we have worked to build this alternative form of complete independent media during this time period, it is our heart, passion and soul, body of proud works 920 stories later. With such, 
ROJS Media platforms mix of ROJS News and ROJS Radio LIVE will embark on a new direction.

Regular readers of this media resource know, in October of 2010 we started ROJS Radio LIVE, a Featured Podcast hosted on the Blog Talk Radio Network. During this time Autumn Smith -our most awesome Co-Host- and I have interviewed numerous movers and shakers in the areas of local, state/national politics, job search, career advice and breaking news.

ROJS Radio LIVE podcast has grew tremendously over the past year. In July 2012, the program reached a milestone of 4,500 live and archived downloads. Three weeks into the month of August, ROJS Radio LIVE's growth will beat July's, as the program is on track to reach 7,300 live and archived downloads this month.

For the past month ROJS Media has worked to restructure our independent company structure and want to inform our readers what's set to occur.

  • ROJS Media will focus a majority of our business model providing our podcast operations, along with cross-promoting other independently based program platform. Via ROJS Radio LIVE, our company will move our separately based internet properties to primary serve a podcast lineup format.
  • ROJS News over the next two weeks will move our blogging/article arm of ROJS Media to the ROJS Radio LIVE's website. We'll write less content on the newer site and primarily provide information though ROJS Radio LIVE.
  • ROJS Media also will cross-promote a variety of independent podcast's on ROJS Radio LIVE's website, providing access to other top-quality podcast's from a variety of voices in media. 
  • Other independently-operated programs that will be cross-promoted includes on the ROJS Radio LIVE website include:
              **PRR's-Paleo Radio program w/Host Jeremiah B.**
Each of the above shows operate-independently from ROJS Media. The quality of these podcast's are top-notch and are must listen to shows for ROJS Radio LIVE's followers. Other shows will be added for cross-promotion on ROJS Radio LIVE in the future.
During the transition, there will be a temporary suspension of new content on ROJS News until August 30, 2012. Supporters of ROJS Media are encouraged to LIKE our Facebook Fan page for up to date information surrounding Michigan & National Politics.

ROJS News & Radio seeks to bring a different type of SANITY Media into the Mainstay!
Join into our active Facebook Fan Page Here--> if you support this cause!
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