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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Who Are the Real Job Creators

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I am so tired of hearing Republicans say we can’t raise taxes on the “job creators”. Who are these “job creators”…they are not who the Republicans claim them to be. They think the job creators are the top 1% and if they get a tax break they will invest it and somehow magically create jobs. NO! Economists’ will tell you this is wrong and does not work. They will keep that money and use it to benefit themselves. The real job creators in this country are the working class (the 99%)…those who live paycheck to paycheck. Those who must everyday decide how they will spend what little they make to survive and hopefully to someday retire. If you give us one more dollar per week we will most likely spend it; and by spending it we increase demand; and by increasing demand we increase the need for employees; and by increasing the need for employees we increase the need for jobs; and by increasing the need for jobs we increase employment; and by increasing the need for employment we increase spending; and by increasing employment we increase spending…ie JOB CREATION! Get the picture!!! Just listen to the Republicans “talking points”, really listen, they do not care about real people, or their needs, only themselves, their power and their donors. We the working class are the job creators and we MUST take back our country…FOR US!!
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