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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Op/Ed: Trevor Thomas: The Clear Choice For Michigan's 3rd Congressional District

ROJS News Op/Ed

It doesn't get more clear cut than this folks. 

Trevor Thomas who is facing off against Steve Pestka in the August 7th primary is the obvious choice to defeat Justin Amash (R) who currently represents Michigan's 3rd Congressional District. 

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Trevor for Congress

What distinguishes Trevor from his opponent Steve Pestka is his passion, dedication, drive and desire to serve. He is very clear, concise and articulate about the issues we face and the stances he takes.

When faced with a question, be it from a voter or during a debate, he provides a clear answer and explanation that is easy to understand and that makes sense. He doesn't just talk about a issue or speak political jargon that so many of us are sick of hearing. He addresses the issue and subject matter directly and provides solid, sound, solutions to the concerns facing the citizens of Michigan.

Another trait that I have found that separates Trevor from his opponent is that Trevor does not engage in 'dirty politics." Any claims made about his opponent are backed up with solid facts.

During the Pestka/Thomas debate that took place in Battle Creek earlier this month, Thomas did his homework and responded to claims by his opponent not by attacking him, but by pointing out various inconsistencies and sourcing them with facts, be it a previous interview or looking at his opponent's previous voting record. 

Trevor has been 100% open and honest about his stances on the many issues facing not only Michigan, but this country as a whole. When addressing hot button issues like abortion and a woman's right to choose, Trevor does not wavier. He has come out and stated that he is the only 100% pro-choice candidate in the race.

In a rare move to support his stance on this issue, the National Chapter of Planned Parenthood has formally endorsed Trevor. This shows a very distinct line between the two candidates stances on this issue, as Planned Parenthood does not typically endorse or back candidates during primary races. 

Trevor shines a new light and gives hope to the people of Michigan. I am beyond confident that when Trevor is elected to serve, everyone's voice will be heard. I have never felt so sure about a candidate in my life. 

I hope that you will join me in voting Trevor for Congress on August 7th.     

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