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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney aide during overseas trip: Show some respect, kiss my ass-ets

Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)
It's been an awful overseas tour for Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. 

First, Romney disrespected London's 2012 Olympics, stating that he was unsure London's Olympics Committee was 'prepared' for the event on English land. Then Romney in front of 12 Downing Street forgot not to mention his meeting with MI6, England super-secret intelligence organization.

Travelling over to Israel, Romney cited that the country's socialized health care program as good policy, while stating President Barack Obama's (D) Affordable Health Care Act for America Citizens was 'Obamacare' in front of a NAACP national convention audience in Houston, Texas, were he was subsequently "booed".

Even Conservative movers and shakers like Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer were appalled at Romney's overseas performance. Karl Rove said Romney’s gaffs were downright 'head-shaking' and Krauthammer compared Romney series of misspeaks to 100-meter sprinter tackling a rival in the next lane and being disqualified, along with 'beyond human understanding'.

Now an aide, travelling with former Governor Romney in Poland has told press attempting to cover his three country trip overseas, to 'Kiss My Ass'.

From the site Think Progress:
Mitt Romney spokesman told reporters to “kiss my ass” when they tried to ask the candidate questions about his trip abroad on Tuesday 
Seemingly without irony, traveling press secretary Rick Gorka told reporters to “show some respect” and to “shove it” because they were trying to get Romney to answer questions about his numerous gaffes abroad while at the Polish tomb of the unknown. 
Reporters have had virtually no access to the candidate during his three-country tour. When they frustratedly told Gorka “we haven’t had another chance to ask him questions.” Gorka responded, “kiss my ass.”
Worst for GOP Presidential Candidate Romney, as if the former Massachusetts Governor overseas trip could get any worst, there's video of the exchange on-the-record courtesy of CNN:

Gorka who later 'apologized' for his gaff, has worked to limit questions American media resources have been allowed to inquire about Candidate Romney's overseas trip including blocking the traveling press pool from interacting with the candidate in unstructured settings.

Reporters working the pool flying to his England, Israel, and Poland visits with the former Governor have only been able to ask a total of three questions on the first day of the trip, and none since the 'Mitt the Twit' headline the British media label the candidate.
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