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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Open Letter to the Occupy Movement

ROJS News Guest Post
By Rhonda Taylor
Dear Occupy 99%,
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I have a gripe to pick with you.  I am a 99er who asked for my family, friends and neighbors to speak up for us.  So what did you do?  You buried us deeper.  You played cover-up and basically silenced the 99ers voices.

So it’s time to call you out, review exactly what happened and express my opinion of why it happened.
The 99ers, the long term unemployed, started organizing back in 2010.  They were struggling with every day bills, maintaining a roof over their heads and food on the table.  They knew all too well the only way out of the struggle was to find a job, ANY job, in order to go from making zero in income to earning something to form some sort of budget. 
They rallied, wrote and called Washington and networked with community groups.  They supported each other by starting social network groups and made countless conference calls to organize and figure out the next move to gain a voice in their government.  They did TV interviews, were written up in almost every major newspaper and educated Americans on a crisis that went unnoticed. 
The response from the government was insults to the unemployed about being lazy, drug addicts or unskilled.  They asked their community to realize that you will be affected next if we don’t all stand together.

When Occupy came along, many were quite excited about movement and thought this might just be the answer to getting main streets voice back. 
After Occupy started, it had a great message … or so we thought. 
Then, observing the rallies and marches, we realized nothing to do with us, although, you wouldn’t know that if you read all the articles about Occupy in the media.  One would have thought that all the unemployed showed up to live in a park and make it filthy.  I guess common sense goes right out the window with some people since there would have been at least one jobs march to add to the history of occupy if the unemployed were involved.
Unions sent their people to Occupy for planned rallies.  Politicians showed up to cheer and then go back to Washington to do more of the nothing they accomplished while in office.  Occupy turned from a movement to a show; a place to showcase people’s aggravations.  

Does that mean I feel occupy did not serve a purpose?  It did serve a purpose but sadly the purpose got corrupted.  As Occupy picked up the phrase 99%, the 99ers got upset because they knew, not more than 30 days before Occupy, it was 98% vs. 2%.  So why use 99%?

One can only think it was to make sure the 99ers movement would be silenced.  One can only assume that this was done by groups who simply didn’t want to address jobs in America - they wanted to turn it into something other than giving a voice to America . 
The 99ers wanted to give a voice to America .  So now every time you write about 99ers, the people who want to continue to ignore the 99ers and the crisis millions are living pretend they don’t know the difference. 
So let’s stop stepping all over people who deserve a voice in this country.  We are the ones who started the debate of America needing a voice in our politics.  And Occupy, if you really represent 99%, I suggest you include the 99ers rather than pretend they don’t exist.  Start planning a rally with us that America won’t soon forget.

Occupy came after 99ers.....AT LEAST RESPECT it rather than IGNORE it.

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Lisa John said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Masterfully written. Agreement Letters

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