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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Op/Ed: To Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, we don't want or need your 'Free Stuff' sir

ROJS News Op/Ed

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What can be said about Republican Candidate Mitt Romney and his "They Want Free Stuff" line? Honesty, there's plenty that could be said about it but, I believe a history lesson is needed here first.

Less fly backwards about four years. Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) was in a three way battle for the Democratic Nomination with a well-known Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York) and former Senator John Edwards (D-North Carolina). The race between these three candidates were neck and neck.

Many in the African-American community were divided in loyalties to stand by former President Bill Clinton's legacy widely-known "The First African-American President" and Hillary's husband or Barack Obama.

That was until this line by former President Clinton in the South Carolina Primaries on January 26, 2008:

Reported on CNN Election 2008, "Bill Clinton: What happened in South Carolina a 'myth' story:
"Bill Clinton also set off a firestorm of criticism for comments he made that were considered by some to be racially insensitive -- like reminding people that Jesse Jackson won the state's primaries in his unsuccessful runs for the nomination in the 1980s. The remark was widely seen as a suggestion that Obama's success in the state was largely based on his race."
Largely based on that comment alone when John Edwards, who I and many other African-Americans supported at the time dropped out of the race, instead of our votes supporting Hillary Clinton's effort to become President of the United States, they went to Senator Barack Obama.

Regardless how African-Americans might disagree on some of the previous actions of Rev. Jackson, we as a minority group know that before Barack Obama, Jackson's 1984 and 1988 Presidential races, laid the path for a little known Senator from Illinois to become Commander-in-Chief years later.

When Bill Clinton dissed Rev. Jackson's run for the Highest Elected Office in the land, he also dismissed OUR history. For many in the African-American community, no manner how much Bill or Hillary Clinton apologized later, neither could be immediately forgiven for the statement. Hillary Clinton lost a very close Democratic nomination for President of the United States, largely due to a deflection of the African-American population towards Barack Obama in the primaries.

Then we have this statement on the record July 12, 2012 by former Gov. Willard "Mitt" Romney, Republican Presidential Candidate. It appears Gov. Romney was a bit upset due to boos he received at the NAACP National Convention in Houston, Texas, after arrogantly describing President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act as "Obamacare". 

From MSNBC "The Rachel Maddow Show" Program on July 11th:

Let's just say this.... If Mitt Romney, who was probably set to receive at best 1-2% of the African-American vote, thought he helped his campaign with the statement above, we have swamp land in Michigan to sell ya!

In other words, Mitt Romney just proved to nearly all African-American people, not paid to be shills of the Republican Party of America, he's truly a racist who think African-Americans are "underthings" to fall at his feet because Romney took less than 35 minutes to speak at the NAACP event.

Mitt Romney, you sir just sealed your fate as a loser in the 2012 Presidential race with the African-American community. Getting a pitiful 1% of our votes will be truly hard for you now.

If we have anything to say at the polls on November 6th, it will be loud and clear that we don't want or need any of your FREE STUFF, sir!  

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