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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Op/Ed- In light of "fake Democrat" election fraud scandal, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder must call House Speaker Jase Bolger resignation

Speaker of the Michigan House Jase Bolger
(R-Marshall-pictured above) should be called to
 immediately resign from office by Gov. Rick 
Snyder (R) in light of "fake democrat" election 
fraud scandal.
ROJS News Op/Ed

The Michigan Democratic Party has issued a statement calling for Gov. Rick Snyder to ask for Speaker of the House Jase Bolger's (R-Marshall) resignation immediately, along with condemning Rep. Roy Schmidt's (R-Grand Rapids) actions on the "fake Democrat" scandal, in a press statement issue via their website July, 18th.

“The governor and his fellow Republicans should call on Speaker Bolger to step down from leadership, and they should do it today. Every day that Bolger remains as Speaker is another day that diminishes the integrity of Michigan state government,” the statement reads. 

In contrast, the silence from Lansing Republicans is deafening. By refusing to condemn Bolger and Schmidt, Gov. Snyder, Lt. Gov. Calley, Attorney General Schuette and Secretary Johnson are implicitly endorsing this reprehensible conduct."

Michigan Criminal Statues must be revised immediately to charge individuals or groups who attempt to perpetrate any version of election fraud on state voters. 

The way Michigan Election Law and Criminal Statues are written today, Speaker of the House Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) probably will remain a elected officer in our state-based Congressional chamber while conspiring to commit fraud in Michigan's August 7th Primary and November 6th General Elections. The only consequence Speaker Bolger could face is a slap on the wrist by Secretary of State (SOS) Ruth Johnson's (R) elections bureau. 

Former Democrat, turned Republican State Rep. Roy Schmidt (R-Grand Rapids) and House Speaker Jase Bolger were key allies in an attempt to pertitate election “fraud” by persuading a “fake” Democrat to file as a candidate for a Grand Rapids House seat, according to Republican Kent County Prosecutor William Forsyth in an investigative report released on July 17th. Unfortunately, since there no direct violation in Michigan Criminal Statues to deal with "pertitated election fraud", Speaker Bolger will not be charged.

The situation is complex and concerning, to say the least. Reading the released text message exchange between Speaker Bolger and Rep. Schmidt released on M-Live by Kent County Prosecutor Forsyth, should raise calls by Republican state party leaders for both Bolger and Schmidt to immediately resign from office.
8:30-8:32 a.m.
Speaker Bolger: “Any luck finding ur Dem in ur district? That’s the last piece we need.”
Rep. Schmidt: “I believe we do. Wii know this afternoon.”
8:50-9:07 a.m.
Speaker Bolger: “Can they get the paperwork to u and u get to me so we can get it in our hands, show the GOP we’re all set … then we’ll file tomorrow.”
Rep. Schmidt: “For the Dem candidate. Yes!”
Speaker Bolger: “Exactly, for the Dem candidate … we already have the paperwork for our R candidate!”
Rep. Schmidt: “I know. I am so nervous at this point- just want it to go perfect!”
Speaker Bolger: “Me too. I don’t like leaving anything to chance, thus my anxiousness to get this last piece wrapped up. All will then b perfect!”
9:31 a.m.
Rep. Schmidt: “We have our man.”
9:59 a.m.
Speaker Bolger: “Name?”
10:01 a.m.
Phone call from Speaker Bolger to Representative Schmidt [4.9 minutes]
10:14-10:18 a.m.
Rep. Schmidt: “Matthew Mojak\nHe will be at the sec. Of state with a new address this afternoon.”
Speaker Bolger: “Have this completed, double checked, and notarized. Bring tomorrow and we’ll b all set. This will block any games anyone could try to play and u will b..clear:”
Rep. Schmidt: “OK”
Prosecutor Forsyth report detailed that Schmidt, a Democrat who switched his allegiance to the Republican Party just before the May 15th Party Candidate filing deadline. Then, Rep. Schmidt conspired with his son to recruit a fake Democratic candidate, along with offering to pay "fake Democratic Candidate" Matt Mojzak, 22, $450.00 to run for a seat in the 76th District.

The cash payment offered to Mojzak increased to $1,000.00 to run for the seat, until Mojzak ended his "candidacy" after media resources begun to take notice of the shenanigans.

“Incredibly, while it would be illegal to pay a boxer to take a ‘dive’; or a basketball player to ‘point shave,’ it is not currently a crime in Michigan to recruit someone to run for public office, place them on the ballot at the ‘eleventh hour’ and essentially pay them to make no effort to win,” Forsyth said in an eight-page report cited on the Battle Creek Enquirer.
Forsyth, a Republician Party official, cited his embarrassment with fellow GOP party member, House Speaker Bolger's actions.
“As a Republican official, I am embarrassed and offended by what transpired," he stated.
According to the news resource, Mojzak is long-time resident of Ottawa County with no ties to the Democrats, falsely stated on his filing affidavit that he had residency in Kent County all his life. Only Mojzak could faced a criminal charge for perjury for falsely stating swearing to the accurately of his Affidavit of Identity.

Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) Chairman Mark Brewer has rightfully called for Speaker Bolger’s resignation in light of the report, alleging the House Speaker had lied and covered up his involvement in the affair.
“Forsyth’s condemnation of Bolger and Schmidt … shows just how despicable their actions were,” Brewer said. 
“Given the fact that the people of Michigan can no longer rely on anything that comes out of his mouth, Speaker Bolger should step down immediately from leadership in the House,” he cited.
Brewer said he would continue to pursue possible violations of campaign finance law and potential civil liability.

In a statement, Speaker Bolger tried to minimized his involvement, shift the blame and took a direct swipe at Rep. Schmidt conspiring the "fake Democrat" party switch, alone.
“As the Kent County Prosecutor determined, nothing illegal took place,” Bolger said to the Battle Creek Enquirer
“I encouraged a Democrat to be recruited to run, but today even I am still learning about all of the actions that took place surrounding that recruitment. Roy Schmidt told me he wanted to switch parties because he was frustrated dealing with partisan politics instead of finding solutions for Michigan’s people. Political gamesmanship by anyone is a mistake and the focus should be on people instead of politics,” he stated.
Speaker Bolger in the statement above has indeed admitted guilt but yet will continue to serve as "Leader" of this party in Michigan House of Representatives, unless other Republicans in his party pressure him to resign. 

The open question that remains if Gov. Rick Snyder (R), who campaigned in 2010 as a "moderate Republican" and received the votes from both state affilated Democrats and Independents, as the head of the GOP in Michigan will be the first to call for Jase Bolger resignation after these events.

Gov. Snyder recently vetoed a series of bills labeled by SOS Ruth Johnson as the "Secure and Fair Election Initiative", passed overhelmely by Michigan Republican controlled state House and Senate, citing that the measures would assist in making the voting process difficult for affected groups the legistation targeted including minorities, seniors and college students.

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Alan Eggleston said...

Schmidt said this was a "poor political decision." That's putting it mildly. I'd say it's a poor ethical decision. It's an attempt to steel his election by guaranteeing the opposition party has no one solid to run - current serious candidates must conduct a last-minute write-in campaign because of the lateness of Schmidt's unethical behavior. Schmidt says he worries about being re-elected. People here in Grand Rapids are steamed over this election tampering by the Republican Party, but even with hasty write-in campaigns underway, I seriously doubt Schmidt worries about being re-elected.

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