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Thursday, July 19, 2012

(Video) Op/Ed-Ann Romney: We've given enough to you people....

ROJS News Op/Ed

Mitt and Ann Romney (pictured above) prove
by their condescending verbal statements, they
should never move into the "Peoples' House"
on Pennsylvania Avenue.
It's painfully obvious that Mitt and Ann Romney should never, ever move their family riches into the Peoples' House. We're talking about the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

The Romney's continue to provide verbal proof via their statements a firm belief they're on high pedestal, with the "little people" -individuals, families or groups who lack the disposable income to fit into the Romney's income bracket- way underneath them.

Don't believe us? Let's review Mitt and Ann Romney's actions and worse, their statements, in a Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake" moment...shall we.

Today, Politico cited another statement by Ann Romney -Ms. Jet-Ski, Multiple Cadillacs and with a staff full of servants at home herself- telling the American people on ABC's Good Morning America program, she strongly feels that former Gov. Romney and her have given enough and will give "no more".

From Politico July 19, 2012:
“You know, you should really look at where Mitt has led his life, and where he’s been financially,” the potential first lady said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “He’s a very generous person. We give 10 percent of our income to our church every year. Do you think that is the kind of person who is trying to hide things, or do things? No. He is so good about it. Then, when he was governor of Massachusetts, didn’t take a salary for four years.” 
“We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life,” she added later.
Here's Ann's statement in LIVE and LIVING color....just in case the Romney campaign try and change its' context later.

Well, that's that! At least according to Ann Romney, "We've given all you people....". Can the next reporter who interviews Ms. Romney in upcoming months, define who exactly are the "you people" in her statement above?

What a condescending statement from Ms. Romney! Still, its' not surprising in the least considering words which continue to surface out of her and Gov. Romney's mouths.

Just last week after Gov. Romney was "Booed" in the middle of his NAACP National Conference event speech where he referred to the Affordable Healthcare Act as "Obamacare". Later in the evening, before a largely non-minority audience in Iowa, Romney stated this:
Photo Credit-Medialite

The inconceivable lines of "We're better than you" statements out of former Gov. Romney and his wife's lips flow easily for a couple which in their overseas holdings, have more financial means in one Swiss Bank account than most of your neighbors net worth combined. 

Call it Freudian slips if this is the "politically correct" terminology but, a study of basic psychology concepts reveals that humans have a tendency of exposing truth in statements with each and every "slip of the tongue".

From CNN February 2, 2012:
"Talking to CNN's Soledad O'Brien, Romney - perhaps ineloquently - explained his campaign's focus on the middle class, stating that there are programs to help the poor and the rich are doing well on their own. 

"I'm not concerned about the very poor," Romney said. "There's a safety net there, and if it needs repair I'll fix it. I'm not concerned about the very rich, they're doing just fine. I'm concerned about the heart of America, the 95% of Americans who are right now struggling."
Former Gov. Romney has no idea who the 95% are because frankly, individuals who accompany this potential voting block are not a part of his country club set. 

As public workers in Detroit, Michigan are facing another 10% pay cut, increased out-of-pocket costs of cafeteria benefits and pension plan elimination, an ever increasing number of the 95% are a couple of paychecks away from becoming the "very poor" that Gov. Romney wrongly believes "safety nets" exist for.

We'll end this Op/Ed as it started. Neither one of these "upper-crust" individuals, Mitt and Ann Romney that is, deserve to be the newest inhabitants of the White House that sits along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Take it from Mitt and Ann themselves:
"They have given ALL YOU PEOPLE enough free stuff and the very poor have another safety net" besides tapping into the Romney's riches."

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Sean Murphy said...

Michelle Obama has more class in her little finger than Ann Romney will ever have.

ROJS News said...

So true Sean Murphy! We think Ann should keep her Multiple Cadillac's, well keep Horses and $1K shirts out of our People's House....which is the White House!

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