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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the Road Again: Special Considerations for a Travel-Heavy Job

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For some lovers of travel, a job that requires regular trips across the country or even abroad may hold great appeal. Even if you're one of these I-love-the-road types, it's important to not let the promise of airline tickets and hotel stays blind you to the specifics of the job in question.

Any time you take a job that requires extensive traveling, you open yourself up to a host of added concerns to consider prior to signing on the dotted line. To ensure the travel-heavy position that seemed like such a dream doesn’t become a nightmare, consider these key points before accepting the job offer.

Frequency of Travel

Travel can sound great when it's a hypothetical, but when faced with real, strenuous continent-jumping it can lose its appeal--particularly if you have a family at home. Instead of simply saying yes to the job while ignorant of exactly how much travel you'll be expected to undertake, specifically inquire as to how often you'll be on the road. With the answer the hiring committee provides you, you can give yourself a realistic picture of what your life will be like working for this company, allowing yourself to make a more informed--and likely better--decision.

Offered Amenities

While some businesses provide their traveling workers with lots of extras to make their time on the road comfortable, others do quite the opposite. Give yourself a clearer picture of what you can expect the company to cover by inquiring with the hiring committee. While you don’t want to appear to be in it only for the freebies, it's important to know whether you can expect a company cell phone or similar items that can make your travel time easier to bear. Similarly, if you're currently the owner of a nearly broken down car, it's vital that you know whether the potential employer will provide you with a company vehicle or instead expect you to take your past-its-prime car on all your road trips.

Insurance Provisions

Instead of thinking only about the basic medical insurance, a benefit that most companies provide, as a traveling worker you'll need to consider holding business travel insurance. Particularly if your business travel will take you abroad, your standard insurance policy may not be sufficient to keep you fully covered. Ask specifically about this type of insurance, inquiring as to whether it's provided or if you'll need to purchase your own policy to guarantee full protection.

Express Your Concerns

Often businesses can be flexible, particularly if they're eager to hire you. If you have some concerns about what they're willing to offer you, voice them. There's a reason professional sports players spend so much time in contract negotiation: by telling the hiring committee what current components of the offer worry you most, you can give them the opportunity to modify their terms so they're more to your liking. Because the specifics of your job terms will likely greatly impact your overall happiness with the job, speaking up about these worries may have a lasting impact.

Traveling for work--something many employees find loathsome--can be a pleasure, particularly if the company in question treats its traveling workforce well. To determine how pleasurable your business trips may be, you'll need to know specifics. By acquiring some more information about what you can expect before accepting a travel-rich job, you can increase the likelihood that you'll ultimately be pleased with the job, potentially impacting the length of time you remain happily employed and on the road for work.
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