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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Michigan Supreme Court listens, determining merit on Public Act #4 petitions

Michigan Supreme Court
Michigan Supreme Court (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arguments for the petitions to allow Michigan's voting citizens to determine if the Emergency Manager Law, known as Public Act #4, occurred today before the Michigan Supreme Court in Lansing.

Hundreds of supporters, most of which were active participants in affirming signatures to the original petitions were up to 250,000 voters agreed to allow a vote to re-affirm or deny Public Act #4 to remain as law, traveled buses to attend the event. Over 223,000 of the signatures were determined to be valid by Michigan Bureau of Elections/Secretary of State office.

The decision for Michigan's Supreme Court to determine in upcoming weeks is if the Citizens for Democracy Team and grassroots non-profit organization Michigan Forward who worked to gather a minimum of 161,305 signatures over a six month period, will allow validity Public Act #4 question on the November 6, 2012 General Election Ballot.

Listen to a ROJS News Soundcloud file of arguments presented before the Michigan Supreme Court about petitions to hold a vote controversial statue, Michigan Public Act #4 at the link below.
Attorney Herbert Sanders for the Stand Up for Democracy Team defends the case before the Michigan Supreme Court on July 25th regarding validity of petitions rejected by the State Board of Canvassers over a 14 point font size.

John Pirich for the Citizens for Fiscal Responsibly Team presents an Counter-Argument for the other side. Michigan Supreme Court Justices inquire about both sides of this case including Chief Justice Robert Kelly, Justice Stephen Markman, Justice Michael F. Cavanagh and Justice Diane Marie Hathaway.

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