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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Jobs Numbers???

ROJS News Guest Post 
by Rhonda Taylor
Photo Credit-ROJS News

t’s time to have some Real Talk about the jobs numbers.  Every month the media and political pundits hang on for the "NEW" jobs numbers.  Every month for the last 4 years this topic is the only part of the crisis that is truly discussed in the media and in Washington . 
We see people cheering for slow job growth, and others stating the job growth are horrible. If you listened to Democrats, you hear the words We are headed in the right direction.

If you listen to the Romney camp, It’s too slow but yet we don’t need unemployment benefits or to assist the unemployed.  Both sides like to use the unemployed but neither offers a solid plan to help ALL the unemployed.  

People in America have waited too many years watching people cheer about treading water.  The unemployed don’t want to tread water. They are tired of sinking.  They want a tangible plan.  I find it amazing that people get on TV and avoid the hard topics of how long people are unemployed and what that means to a family experiencing the crisis. 
“CRISIS” – That’s right. It’s a crisis and no one is doing anything about it.  The longer we sit on our hands with fingers crossed in hopes of improvement, the more people lose everything.  The government won’t bail them out after they lost their 401Ks. They won’t get bailed out after they’re homeless. They won’t get bailed out if they are sick.  The red tape in Washington has cost many lives. 
Looking at the figures, we lost more lives over the last 4 years through unemployment suicide than we have from war overseas.  THAT’S NOT OKAY with many Americans.  It’s not just the unemployed person aware of this.  Their family and friends are aware as well.  They watch their loved ones suffer and because they are barely treading water they can’t do anything to help. 
The job numbers hide millions of Americans no longer receiving Unemployment Insurance.  The job numbers don’t show how long people are unemployed. The job creation numbers DON’T show how many of those 80,000 jobs created in one month are part-time that pay minimum wage. 
The bottom line is not about who's President or in Washington .  

The bottom line is Americans are in a crisis created by the same organizations blocking any and every conversation about jobs.  You hear media talking about the unemployed and the content is basically “It’s the other guy’s fault”. 
Americans want results.  They want THEIR best interest represented.  They want REAL solutions, not more BS that sounds good as a sound bite.  People have become much smarter over the last years. They don’t trust every word that comes from the TV. 
The unemployed are the biggest swing voters in this election.  They are not giving away their votes this time around.  They are not fooled by “It could be worse if the other guy gets in” and the other side stating jobs numbers are slow, asking if you want it to continue.  They are looking for a candidate who will have a definite plan that is tangible for their family. 
So Washington , if you want to rely on polls when half of America doesn’t have a home phone and 20% of Americans are homeless or living with friends/family, then sadly, again WASHINGTON missed the boat. 
This election will not be based on promises or parties it will be based on solid plans.  Ask a voter “When a politician makes a campaign promise do you believe it?”  Almost every person will say “NO!”  We don’t want to hear about obstruction, much less see it.  We don’t want to see only small special interest groups addressed.  We want a country that works for EVERYONE.  Not either side of the isle is doing that and its time WE THE PEOPLE fight back.  “You don’t represent me then you’re fired”
Most Americans don’t belong to a special interest group.  The special interest group we belong to is called America and we demand YOU work for US.  So if you are running for election, most people are not concerned with how you feel about a topic and care more about how you will VOTE for a bill.  Will you vote to represent WE THE PEOPLE or will you vote for your personal view?  Will you have a spine to fight for what we want?  "WE want a voice and if I don’t hear or see my voice in your session of governing then YOU’RE FIRED".
Party politics is what they want us to follow.  Left, right ....we as Americans will respect the guy who stands alone and represents WE THE PEOPLE.  Where are those leaders in America ? 
It’s time we clean up Washington and the corruption that exists.  We need to stand together and say “No more will we be the ones footing the bills for things that don’t benefit the people".  Outsourcing, Insourcing, War … it’s all the same.  WE THE TAX PAYERS are paying global welfare at the expense of our own people.  IT ALL HAS TO STOP! 
When will Washington clean the wax out of their ears, or should I say unplug the lobbyists and plug in a citizen of America?  "IT’S TIME YOU LISTEN TO US since YOU HAVE SCREWED UP ENOUGH!"

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rmbluebird said...

Just heard the interview on NPR's "Talk of the Nation". The founder of this blog mentioned Congress making disparaging remarks about the folks on unemployment. Wish she had specified that the Republicans are trying to feed us that line, not the Democrats. Granted, the Dems are far from perfect, but the Republicans are ridiculous in their policies and comments.

ROJS News said...

Thank you for your comment. Agree this is not just a Democrat problem or Republican problem. Instead it is a issue of doing the right thing for 25-28 million Americans who just want to get back to work. But, the policies out Washington, D.C., including President Obama extension of the Bush Tax Cuts over extending job creation programs and ideas to the 99ers (Long-Term Unemployed Exhausted from all forms of benefits) did not help. In addition, the Republicans, who stated the "Drug addicts" line are fine with leaving millions of Americans out of jobs and unemployment checks, to prove a point that our economy is in terrible shape.

Yes, the economy is in terrible shape but playing games (this is BOTH PARTIES) with the unemployed and underemployed is not going to solve the problem. We need true job creation, retraining, programs with crowdfunding options for unemployed or underemployed individuals to start small business ideas and stop with the "we support the unemployed in talking points" but little to no action.

That is why individuals like I and many others are tired of this game. We are in the run of our lives and it appears no-one (except for a Senator Debbie Stabenow, Rep. Barbara Lee, members of the Congressional Black Congress and those who supported/sponsored previous bills S-3706 of 2010 and H.R.-589 of 2011) seems to care. This has got to chance of millions of Americans will stay HOME from the polls because it seem to them Washington, D.C. cares to do nothing to really solve this on-going problem.

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