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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day: 'A Day To Demonstrate The Power of The Vote'; Fannie Lou Hamer PAC announces its' slate

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Press Release

Today our city stands at an economic, political and social crossroad.

Amidst the changing of congressional voting districts, particularly Detroit’s 13 & 14th voting districts and the many moves to suppress the voting rights of minorities in this state (as witnessed by the current bills in the Michigan legislature),  Detroiters must let their voices be heard.

It is most unfortunate that traditional congressional allies in the halls of Congress on the Democratic side have been forced by political maneuvering to run against each other - and for some others- to hopefully knock each other out of the race.

Gary Peters and Hanson Clarke, as an example, should not be contesting each other in the 14th district. We know this because much of their record in Congress has been supportive of our city and the key issues important to Detroiters.

John Conyers should not be, in our view, engaged in a political dogfight to maintain public policies for Detroiters, and others in this area. He has championed for the past 40 years public policies  – related to education, job development, civil rights, human rights, protecting a President from being impeached and standing up for those who have no voice. Yet, we must make a decision based on what is and not on what we know it should be.

When one looks at the history of our nation over the last 50 years during many of its most turbulent years of economic and political crises, one man has stood tall against the odds. He stood tall during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. He was the only recipient of the endorsement of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus, championed key legislation for the labor community and people in poverty.  

He has fought against the ill-fated policies of Richard Nixon, Bush I & II and the "constructive engagement" policies of Ronald Reagan in relationship to South Africa. He has been a leader in the Free South African movement, leading to Nelson Mandela’s freedom, and an ardent supporter of Haiti. He not only gave Rosa Parks a job, but gave her through his commitment and advocacy – a national holiday. He is currently the only congressional candidate to be endorsed by the first African American president Barack Obama.

Our candidate for Congress has always been there for us and now – we must be there for him. Our choice for the 13th Congressional District is the Honorable Congressman John Conyers, Jr. 

In addition to Congressman Conyers, we are very enthusiastic in our support for the candidacy of the junior congressman  - also from the city of Detroit. This candidate has been most assertive on all of the key issues related to Detroit. He is known as a fighter for rights of people and the concerns of the poor. He has been an outspoken voice for our city and state since he was a member of the Michigan state legislature.

He is always on the cutting edge for Detroit economic development. He is a supporter of the issues prioritized by the Congressional Black Caucus and the President of the United States. We are convinced that he will continue to have the city of Detroit as his major priority going forward over these next several years.

Our choices for Congress will lead the Fannie Lou Hamer slate – followed by the Honorable Sheriff of Wayne County Benny Napoleon along with key state legislators, Wayne County Commissioners and judges from the 3rd Circuit and 36th District Courts. Please see a copy of our current slate. Thank you.

Photo Credit-Fannie Lou Hammer Organization

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