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Monday, July 30, 2012

Election 2012 script, guarded political climate; should the public accept this?

ROJS News Op/Ed

"Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies"-Carly Simon

In America, we repeat the same ideas and expect a different result. We allow for politicians who say they represent people to repeatedly become elected year and year, knowing full well that these same political figures are not accountable in some cases to the people they serve. We're settled with political races for office being scripted, well orchestrated campaigns were social media speaks for the candidate, instead of true grassroots one to one or one-to a-group potential voters interpersonal communication.

Worst in some cases, paid or unpaid "supporters" of candidates or the others, hide behind the cyberspace walls damned to not-reveal motives or strategy behind comments hundreds or in some cases thousands will read as, "Straight Up Truth-mess". The word Mess from the previous sentence is totally correct, as America politics today on a Federal, State and Localized level, is just one big Scripted-Mess filled undertaking.

We've have recent examples to back up our assumptions. Let's take Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney who's recent trip to the London 2012 Olympics, had the British Press creating newspaper lines like "Mitt the Twit." From there Romney flew to Israel boldly declaring the countries' socialized health care system, offering free or low-cost governmental health care for their residents, was a great example of how health care should work.

Stop the presses! Didn't Candidate Romney before a NAACP National Convention in Houston, Texas two weeks ago called President Barback Obama's Supreme Court Upheld Affordable Health Care Act, "Obamacare"? Why yes Mitt Romney did. GOP Candidate Romney was "Booed" for about what seemed like 15-20 sections before the audience of attendees. Too bad in his campaign's media spin regarding what really occurred at this event, included a video edit shortly thereafter to eliminate any of the booing that existed.

We're not done here. Just last week, a truly deranged young man James Holmes 22, decided to dye his hair orange, enter a movie complex theater showing, "The Black Knight Rising", take his legality purchased assault weapons with bullets, to murder 24 individuals and injure over 100 more victims. At the time, President Barback Obama quickly took stage near a campaign stop to forward his sympathies for the victims, as well as fly out personally to Aurora, CO, where the massacre occurred.

Flipping the script, we learned via our corporate ran and operated media resources (the same media marketplace that censors individuals viewing the Olympics in real time, if you don't have cable television) that President Obama's administration will do nothing about reinstating the Assault Weapon Ban as Federal Law. Last Friday, we learned as Michigan's potential voting citizens, it takes nearly two weeks for Michigan's Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to act on statements made by Kent County Prosecutor William
Forsyth of "perpetrated election fraud" in the Speaker Jase Bolger (R-Marshall)/Rep. Roy Schmidt scandal.

Oh and less not forget our Governor and chief Republican elected official, by his position in Michigan's highest elected office, Rick Snyder. Well, Gov. Snyder believes that only the chamber that Speaker Bolger who by the title of "Speaker" controls, Michigan House of Representatives, should dealt with his actions. Yes, that means Speaker Bolger, the person who worked to have a fake Democrat on the August 7th Primary ballot for voters to choose from, is expected to punish himself according to Gov. Snyder.

As for Rep. Schmidt, no better here as Gov. Snyder thinks if the people of Grand Rapids manage not to remove Schmidt on November 6th, its' not Michigan Governor's problem to handle, so to speak.

Turning back the clock earlier months in 2012's Michigan Politics, we've quite another mess on our hands. 

Earlier this year, we heard and saw in many cases, the same Speaker of the House who engaged in "perpetrated election fraud" recently, on the public time, using public resources, texting on phones probably paid for by public tax dollars; using the Immediate Effect cause to push pending legislation in OUR HOUSE. You know, the House the people of Michigan pay their taxable dollars to operate.

A small number of Michiganders and one national cable program on MSNBC's the Rachel Maddow Show, showed citizenry across the United States how Rep. Bolger or his temporary sit in, counted numbers of 68 or so hands in the air, in the course of 10 sections flat. Only thing is, we all know unless one is engaging in speed counting, no one really can count 68 or so hands in the air that fast.

On a local level, we wish the news could be better but, its not. Members of the public and this small blog, have been threaten to have cameras yanked from the hands palms just for recording a public meeting/debate. Last time we checked, videotaping a public meeting is an appropriate thing to do, considering members of the public-at-large are attending the meeting.

How many individuals reading this post, have had the opportunity to listen to ALL candidates running for local office positions debate or have a public question and answer session? It appears, except for the League of Women Voters (good job ladies) scheduling debates in Ann Arbor for local and judicial candidates; life has been all but crickets awaiting when, if, ever other localized candidates will debate or answer public questions....

In the end, unless the public asks and demands more, this is the "Democracy" we better get used too and fast.

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