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Friday, June 1, 2012

Thom Hartmann is right; There is some very rotten in Michigan

Thom Hartmann doing his radio show, the Thom H...
Thom Hartmann doing his radio show, the Thom Hartmann Program. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
ROJS News has followed Political Radio Commentator and RT News host of 'The Big Picture' Thom Hartmann since his days on former Air America Radio.

Mr. Hartmann's segment correctly titled 'There's something rotten in Michigan-Jeff Timmer' brings his unique style of 'teaching politics' that's learned by listening to Undergrad Professor in Government & Civics 101.

Hartmann's demeanor is extremely easy to follow, non-complex, shared information required for listeners to make a informed decision.

Hartmann on his RT News program June 1, 2012, discussed the link between 'The Sterling Corporation' Partner, one-half of Michigan's Republican Representation on the Board of Canvassers- Jeffery Timmer, 'Michigan's Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility' group. Making the connection simple to understand, Hartmann questions if Democracy has been lost in Michigan by denying over 220,000 registered voters signatures via an Constitutional Referendum question to affirm or deny on if controversial state law, Public Act #4 should remain state statue.

On ROJS Radio LIVE Weekend Based 'SANITY' Political Talk Program on Saturday, June 1st at 11 AM EDT, we will discuss Hartmann's video, along with determine what concrete actions Michiganders can take during the next General Election November 6, 2012, return true Democracy this state.

So, without further ado, please watch RT's News Thom Hartmann segment on 'There Something Rotten in Michigan-Jeff Timmer'.

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