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Friday, June 15, 2012

'Stories from around the web' -Friday Edition from ROJS News

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ROJS News-Stories from Around the Web Edition

Today, Friday, June 15th marks the beginning of ROJS News 'Stories from Around the Web' Edition. Each Friday, we'll feature articles, stories and Op/Ed's found via our Twitter feed on ROJS News.

Join ROJS Twitter feed, to have an opportunity to have your important story from around the web, featured next Friday, June 22nd.

Our first story from Kathryn Ssedoga @Ssedoga on Twitter details a story of a 9-year old Martha Payne from Scotland, who has gained quite a following with her food blog, Never Seconds on Read the entire article at the following link:

Remember Martha Payne, the Scottish 9-year-old whose blog documenting her pathetic school lunches shamed local pols into allowing kids unlimited fruits and vegetables? Well, they decided they weren’t going to be pushed around by a little girl anymore, and sent word that she was no longer allowed to take photographs of her food. 
What they didn’t count on was being pushed around by a little girl and her legions of internet fans, including Jamie Oliver. So now the council is photographing its words, then eating them. Martha’s blog, Never Seconds, lives on.
You go Martha and ROJS News will check out your blog Never Seconds on a regular basis in the future!

Michigan's branch of the AFL-CIO @MIAFLCIO is requesting followers to vote on a M-Live poll about a upcoming General Election Ballot Initiative in the November 6th election to add the right to collective bargain into the state's Constitution. Vote in the poll and read this entire story on M-Live:

A union-led group wanting to enshrine collective-bargaining rights in the state constitution turned in so many signatures Wednesday that the measure almost certainly will qualify for the November ballot. 
Now, can teachers, police and firefighters persuade voters to go along in what is expected to be a contentious - and expensive - fight for votes similar to battles in Wisconsin and Ohio?
Georgetown University Law student Sandra Fluke @SandraFluke posted to her Twitter feed link a story from The New York Times citing that the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends all doctors inquire if their Female patients have experienced Domestic Violence incidents, during routine medical screening. Review this entire piece at the Chicago Tribune website:
A government-backed panel on Tuesday recommended doctors ask their female patients about domestic violence they are currently experiencing or may have faced in the past.
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an expert group that sets screening guidelines, said there is "adequate" evidence that asking about partner violence -- and referring women who need it to counseling services -- can reduce their mental and physical harm related to the abuse.
The guideline statement, which is still in draft form and available online for public comment, is based on a summary of the evidence for and against screening conducted by Oregon researchers for the task force and published last month (see Reuters Health story of May 7, 2012.)
We think this is a reasonable idea. How do your feel about this? Let us know in our new Disqus comment section below this article.

Career Management Expert of, AnnMarie Mcllwain @Careerfuel and contributor to ROJS Radio LIVE "Finding Your Passion in the 21st Century Series, tweeted this wonderful blog post to assist her organization goal to receive a Small Business Grant with Chase Mission. Learn how to assist Careerfuel with obtaining this grant here:

Hello from CareerFuel! We’re going for the Chase Mission: Small Business Grant and hope you’ll give us a vote. CareerFuel is trying to solve the jobs crisis, providing the latest and most useful resources for job seekers and aspiring small businesses owners- plus inspirational success stories!
Good luck with receiving this grant Ms. Mcllwain and look forward to having you visit ROJS Radio again Sunday, August 5th for the third installment of our 'Finding Your Passion in the 21st Century series'.

ROJS News Twitter follower 99er Mike B @99erMikeB tweeted a interesting article on Democracy Now where Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney stated that we, as Americans do not need more teachers or firefighters. Really Mitt? Read the article, along with watching Democracy Now video on this here:

While Obama’s comments drew widespread scrutiny, Republican candidate Mitt Romney drew far less media attention after openly attacking the hiring of firefighters, police officers, and teachers. Speaking in Iowa on Friday, Romney invoked the recent election in Wisconsin to criticize Obama for pushing a measure to help states regain public sector jobs. 
Mitt Romney: "He wants to hire more government workers. He says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people."
Seriously Mitt? Where is our mainstream media with covering Mitt Romney's clear graft of the mouth here?

A subject we do not have the opportunity to cover much here at ROJS News but is very important, is stopping the 'For-Profit' Youth Prison industry.

The Christian Left @Thechristianlft forwarded a story via Twitter that hits right on point why connecting Youth + Prison Industry + Profits $$ = Wrong on so many levels. Check out this story from the Huffington Post about a for-profit juvenile prison in Mississippi.

After years of widespread violence and sexual abuse at Mississippi's for-profit prison for juvenile offenders, state officials and civil rights groups signed a federal court decree in March aimed at overhauling a facility described by a federal judge as "a cesspool of unconstitutional and inhuman acts." 
U.S. Justice Department investigators found that both state officials and the GEO Group Inc., the nation's second-largest operator of private prisons, had essentially ignored the safety of youth prisoners, denying them basic health care and employing guards with known gang affiliations. Sexual misconduct between staff and inmates at the Walnut Grove youth prison was "among the worst we have seen in any facility anywhere in the nation," the Justice Department's investigation concluded.
Thank you @SandraFluke, @99erMikeB, @Careerfuel, @ MIALFCIO, @thechristianlft and @ssedoga for allowing ROJS News to highlight important articles found via our Twitter Feed on "Stories from Around the Web-Friday".

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