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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Project: Our Voice

As most of us already know, the rights of Women have been attacked here in Michigan. Three bills, HB 5711, 5712 and 5713, deemed "Super Anti- Abortion Bills" have made there way through a public hearing, and in to the Michigan House. On June 13, 2012, HB 5711 was passed by the Michigan House of Representatives.

Immediately after hearing about these bills, event pages were created on social media sites and people began to organize. In a matter of days hundreds of people came to the Michigan Capitol to voice their opposition to these bills.

The most common theme that I heard from the women on the event pages and in person at the protests was that they just wanted their voices heard. They wanted to tell their stories. They were not allowed this at the public hearing, as only a handful of the large group of individuals that were in attendance were allowed to testify.

After attending the protests at the Capitol this week and networking with many great people that I met online and in person at the protest, I wanted to help in some way. How could I help these women be heard? Then it dawned on me. The light bulb clicked.

About 20 minutes prior to me writing this article this idea just literally smacked me in the head. I was talking on the phone with my co-host/producer, Monica Ross-Williams about the anti-abortion legislation. I was telling her that we needed to do something-the protests at the Capitol the past few days have been a good start, but there has to be more we can do.

I came up with the idea that we, ROJS Radio LIVE have a platform for women to be heard. We have the ability to let women tell their stories and have them be heard. Monica and I host a independent talk radio show-a national podcast. I kept in mind that people may not want to be on national radio or would like to remain anonymous--we also have the ability to make that happen. My idea is not to have people come on our radio show and broadcast their stories-unless they want to, but rather to compile recordings of women telling their stories in their own words, then putting them on a CD and either sending them to our elected officials-or-do a public broadcast of them at places where our elected officials may be present.We could even play them in the rotunda the next time we gather there. The possibilities are endless. It is a campaign year after all, so there will be plenty of events to play these at. The goal is to MAKE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS LISTEN TO YOU ON YOUR TERMS-- NOT ON THEIRS.

So we at ROJS Radio LIVE are offering our platform and services to help your- OUR- voices be heard and our stories be told.

Please consider participating in Project: Our Voice, by sharing your story. We will be booking dates for stories to be told in the coming weeks. If you are interested, please contact me at Put Project: Our Voice in the subject line. If you would like to remain anonymous or would like your story read for you that can also be arranged.  

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