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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Op/Ed- A Women body part Michigan's GOP Anti-Abortion bills seek to regulate is the Vagina

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ROJS News Op/Ed

What's wrong with saying the word Vagina? 

Considering its a part of females anatomy Michigan's Republican controlled House of Representatives, and possibly our State GOP led Senate desires to regulate with House Bills 5711, 5712 & 5713; one would think a woman is entitled by her birth in our World to publicity state she and other females have Vagina's.

Without God creating the female Vagina many decades Before Christ (B.C.) ago, Eve and Adam -the first known human beings on this Earth- children Cain and Abe would not have been born. Furthermore, our World populace in 2012 would not exist without the female Vagina.

Republicans in general enjoy speaking of religious publications. So in this Op/Ed, I as a Bible supporting Church of God, God loving, Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ died for my sins in the cross believer, strongly felt a need to write this piece based on a bit of an biblical perspective. 

Genesis 2:22-24, states God took one of Adam's ribs to make Eve, hereby "supporting the idea that woman is man's equal and not his subordinate," cited by Mignon R. Jacobs in 'Gender, Power, and Persuasion: The Genesis Narratives and Contemporary Perspectives', Baker Academic, 2007, p. 37.

Adam's rib, used to create Eve was taken from his side, rather than Adam's foot, head or leg areas. Noting this, one could easily determine God's original intent was for Eve to stand side by side with Adam, instead of underneath him or Adam over her.

This theory supported by written publication in the following statement, "The use of a rib from man's side, instead of a head bone or a foot bone, implies the woman to be his equal—loved and protected—rather his ruler or his slave being trampled under foot," cited in author Ellen White's book,"The Creation". Patriarchs and Prophets. The Conflict of the Ages. 1,  Pacific Press Publishing Association, 1954, p. 803.

God, the All Almighty Jehovah recognized without assistance of Women and Vagina's, life as we known it could not be created. Legislators, Republican or Democrats, do not by my strong religious beliefs have equal or near the authority of God the All Almighty Jehovah. With such, they should not be allowed to regulate any female choice on when and how to use the word, Vagina.

Michigan House Representative Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield) was censored by Speaker of the Michigan House Jase Bolger (R-Marshall) for using the word Vagina in the Lansing Capitol building House floor, June 14, 2012. This is the same Lansing Capitol building that's financed with Michigan Women tax dollars, whether Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, who have Vagina's as parts of the Human anatomy.

State Representative Lisa Brown has full rights to express during a rebuttal speech via Michigan House Floor in opposition to Super-Anti Abortion Bills 5711, 5712 & 5713 the word, Vagina. Especially considering by passing this legislation, Michigan Republican control House Representatives seek to regulate any fetal remains or live fetuses coming in and out of Women's Vagina's.

Susan Masten, a Michigan State University Professor and supporter of Women family planning options, wrote this response on Facebook highlighting State Rep. Lisa Brown and Barbara Byrum (D-Onondaga) censors for describing basic biological actions a female Vagina performs.
"Both Rep. Byrum and Brown have been censored for speaking out yesterday on the house floor. They are not allowed to speak. Nothing in writing. No time frame for the punishment. No reason given. No due process either," Masten wrote.
Representative Barbara Byrum tried just to have her voice heard rightfully about what's regulated with her and, her constituents Vagina's, to no avail. Representative Stacy Erwin Oaks (D-Saginaw) stood up to ensure that healthy fetuses are born from Vagina's, along with not mandating fetuses with severe abnormalities be forced upon Women to be born.

Also, let's quick review the full context of what Rep. Brown stated about a Women's Vagina on the Michigan House floor, Wednesday, June 13th in opposition to H.B. 5711.

Representative Brown's factual statement about a Woman's Vagina was directly on point. What's amazing is that Republicans, previously known as the party of 'Small Government' unmet psychological need to legality regulate Female Vagina on when, how and where they choose to either have a fetus to term, complete a private health insurance or personally financed abortion, or shallow a 'Plan B' doctor prescription pill.

On June 13, 2012, the Michigan's Republican controlled House along with six 'pro-life' Democrats, passed one of three pieces of their Super-Anti Abortion legislative packages H.B. 5711. The measure would all but outlaw Medically Trained Physicians prescribing what's known as the 'Morning-After or Plan B' family planning pill.

House Bill 5711 now moves forward to Michigan's Republican Majority Senate chamber, ironically Michigan Females with Vagina's will finance a tax-payer funded summer legislative break.

Two other pieces of measures H.B. 5712 & 5713 more likely than not be parts of the first order of business State House Speaker Bolger assemblies the chamber. This is probably occur after Mr. Bolger enjoys a summer break while playing many rounds of a traditional male bonding activity of golf with David and Charles Koch, and private donors to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

It's time Michigan Women -and Men too- refuse to back down or be silent about protecting our rights to regulate what goes in, and out of our Vagina's. Up to 500 Women and Men assented upon our Lansing Capitol building on Tuesday, June 12th protesting to protect female reproductive choices via their Vagina's.

On Wednesday, June 13th and Thursday, June 14th hundreds more joined into the protests, starting Tuesday in Lansing, demanding Michigan Republican Legislators to stay out of our Vagina's. State Representative Lisa Brown and Barbara Byrum should be commended, not censored, for standing up and speaking out for Michigan Women's rights legality decide what ideas or actions are justified with their Vagina's.

Still to go forward Ten of Thousands Michigan Women -and Men too- should commit to stand tall in our Lansing, Michigan Capitol Building, each and everyday for as long as necessary telling Michigan's Republican elected State Officials to stay out of our Vagina's, completely. Michigan citizens far and wide, stand up today to protect Women Vagina's, along with our Constitutional Rights via Roe v. Wade to a full range Reproductive Options, today!

Simply put, no human Man or Women is God. All Human Beings upon Judgement day will be before God-the All Almighty Jehovah. God has the final determination on what actions are a sin, or justified in nature on Judgement Day, not Men.

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LeeJ Tilson said...

The State of Michigan seems to be fond of the word "Vagina." The word appears:
1. Approx 630 times on legislature's website with an inurl search - or 40 times with a site search -
2. In over 780 opinions by the Michigan courts or Go here and search for "Vagina"
3. On over 1500 pages of the state's website with an inurl search or 300 pages with a site search

LeeJ Tilson said...

The State of Michigan seems to be fond of the word "Vagina." The word appears:
1. Approx 630 times on legislature's website with an inurl search - or 40 times with a site search -
2. In over 780 opinions by the Michigan courts or Go here and search for "Vagina"
3. On over 1500 pages of the state's website with an inurl search or 300 pages with a site search

ROJS News said...

Yes, Lee that's very interesting. So, the State of Michigan Government can use the word Vagina but, Michigan Female Elected Legislators can't without Censoring. It appears we need to remove some Silence Women's Right to Talk About Their Vagina's GOP Legislators out of Lansing on November 6, 2012, you think! Let's start with Jase (Censor talk about a Female Vagina) Bolger (R-Marshall) we say!

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