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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Op/Ed- Ranking DFA Founder & Gov. Howard Dean- a political figure to admire

Howard Dean Speaks to a Group of Supporters in...
Howard Dean Speaks to a Group of Supporters in Kansas City, MO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ROJS News Op/Ed

If you do not know, there are few people I admire in politics. Support is one thing, admire is another. 

For a individual to step past the support line in my opinion they must be willing to tell the truth, be factual, not have an hidden agenda, and a firm belief that honestly in a majority of cases is the best policy.

Former Democratic Nation Committee Chairman, Founder of Democracy for America and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean fits into the catergory of individuals to admire in politics. On Tuesday at Van Jones 'Take Back the American Dream Conference' in Washington D.C., Gov. Dean tells truth about the public electing DINO (Democrats In Name Only) officials.
 “I’m not interested in electing Democrats who behave like Republicans once they’re elected. That’s how we lost the public option,” Gov. Dean stated in Raw Story.
Dean expressed his opinion on one of the reason why he's supporting President Barback Obama re-election, although disagreeing on some areas with the President previously.
“One of the reasons I’m supporting Barack Obama for re-election is I want two more [Supreme Court] justices like Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor,” Gov. Dean noted.
Photo Credit-ROJS News
ROJS Media Owner Monica Ross-Williams &
DFA Founder/Fmr. Gov. Howard Dean at
Netroots Nation 2012
Gov. Dean at the conference also touched on his thoughts about the controversal  U.S. Supreme Court The Federal Election Commission v. Citizens United decision in 2010, and how America must fight not to be owned by corporations.
“How many of you buy Brawny paper towels? Don’t do it. The Koch brothers make it,” he said. “America was not meant to be owned by corporations and I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow that to happen.”
While attending Netroots Nation 2012, Gov Dean opened his first Twitter account at a Democracy for America breakout session and follow the Governor @GovHowardDean.

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