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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Op/Ed-First measure of Michigan SOS Ruth Johnson's 'Secure & Fair Voter Initiative' shoved through by GOP House using immediate effect

ROJS News Op/Ed

Photo Credit-League of Women Voters
Want to see voter suppression 'Michigan GOP Legislature style' in action? If so, watch the videos linked below, but first allow us to update our readers on a earlier story here at ROJS News.

Published on June 2nd, 'Michigan's GOP mystical voter fraud claims become reality, as Rep. Thad McCotter ends campaign', the article highlighted how State Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (R) has plotted over the past eight month to turn Michigan's upcoming November 6, 2012 vote down-right chaotic, by lobbying for election law changes at the last minute.

Although Michigan's GOP led House and Senate could have passed Johnson's 'Secure and Fair Elections Initiative' anytime over the past eight months, since they control both chambers and the agenda, they waited until June 2, 2012 to "shove" Senate Bill 754 right on though with "Immediate Effect". Remember that word?

Here's what we wrote, and discussed in detail on  ROJS Radio LIVE Saturday, June 2, 2012 Michigan & National Political Talk podcast.

"Quietly working in the background has been Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (R). She has waged a one-woman campaign across Michigan since October 2011, crying state election law must be changed, to stop possible voter fraud by her "Secure and Fair Voter Initiative".

From the Secretary of State Website October 12, 2011:
Secretary of State Ruth Johnson today announced a comprehensive plan to help ensure integrity in Michigan's elections through stronger campaign finance laws, new policies and the expanded use of technology. The package is known as the Secure and Fair Elections, or SAFE Initiative. 
"There is nothing more important to America, to our values and democracy, than clean and fair elections," Johnson said at a press conference held at the Secretary of State headquarters in Lansing. 
"Michigan has a strong elections system with dedicated, committed clerks and election workers," added Johnson, who serves as Michigan's chief elections official. "But there is always room for improvement. Our plan provides new tools to make our elections even more fair by closing loopholes and requiring more transparency and accountability."
Three bills SB 751, 754 & 803 now sit in Michigan's Republican Controlled Legislator, after a series of pushes to make the "Secure and Fair Voter Initiative" law by SOS Johnson. These measures will make it downright difficult for residents to vote during August 7th Primary and November 6th General Elections."

Senate Bill 754 of the above cited measures has been pushed right on though one of Michigan's Legislative Chamber, the state House of Representatives, ran by no other than Speaker Jase Bolger (R-Marshall).

Remember Speaker Bolger was the subject of a "Immediate Effect" discussion on a popular political news cable television show, not too long ago.

This video uploaded via Vimeo on June 12th from "The Rachel Maddow Show" shows what 'push, shoved and tossed' really mean, without  defining each individual word. Check this out....

Sadly, this is what democracy and state residents losing rights to a fair and safe vote looks like, in Michigan.

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