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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder receives a 'not so welcomed' notification; visiting Detroit Baptist church

ROJS News Op/Ed

Honesty, this should not be surprising Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R). What we're referencing to is the 'less than welcomed' reception the Governor received on Tuesday, June 26th, while visiting a city of Detroit based Baptist church.

Really, why would residents any Michigan city that Governor Snyder is using the full force of State Government to mandate a Consent Agreement upon, which is just one step shy of appointing an 'Emergency Manager' with the controversial statue Public Act #4, roll out the red carpet to greet him?

As widely reported on ROJS News & ROJS Radio LIVE, last week Detroit City Council Krystal Crittendon nearly lost her employment for in her opinion abiding by the City's Governmental Charter Statue for raising a question if a Consent Agreement can be made, while State Government owes Detroit nearly $224 Million dollars worth of debt.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing (D), kneeing to Gov. Snyder's demands for the Consent Agreement to be ratified by the City Council A.S.A.P., threaten Crittendon's employment for consulting with Michigan Appeals Court before agreeing temporary forego what Michigan Government owes the City of Detroit.

From the Detroit Free Press June 22, 2012:
Detroit's top attorney probably will keep her job despite Mayor Dave Bing's expected urging of the City Council this afternoon to fire her over her legal challenge to the consent agreement. 
But the issue of just how much power Detroit's highest city lawyer should have isn't likely to go away because Bing may not get his way. 
Krystal Crittendon, initially with Bing's backing and strong support on the council, filed suit against the consent deal brokered by Bing and Gov. Rick Snyder's administration and approved by the council in April, saying it violated Detroit's revised 2012 city charter. 
The charter states that the city cannot enter into contracts with an entity that is indebted to it. The state, Crittendon said, owes the city $224 million in disputed revenue-sharing and other unpaid bills. 
Bing later insisted Crittendon drop the challenge, but Crittendon declined. She also rejected his request Monday that she resign over the matter.
The City Council and particularity its' President Charles Pugh (D) called Mayor Bing's request to terminate Crittendon's employment, downright crazy talk, so to speak.

From the Detroit News June 22, 2012:
Council President Charles Pugh fired back, saying Bing should be working instead of picking fights to remove Crittendon.
"Shouldn't the mayor of Detroit be doing something else?" he said.
"Shouldn't he be trying to get investment or development in his community? Shouldn't we be trying to move forward with the Program Management office to reshape the city? Shouldn't he be trying to get taxes that we haven't collected? What is he doing?"
Exactly City Council President Pugh! Meanwhile, it appears that Mayor Bing will not win the votes necessary to dismiss Corporate City Council Crittendon for now.

From the Detroit News June 23, 2012:
Mayor Dave Bing, declaring he's "done" with the Krystal Crittendon fiasco, abruptly left a Detroit City Council session Friday and announced he will use an outside attorney to handle his administration's legal affairs. 
Bing's inability to muster council support to remove Crittendon means the city's top attorney gets to keep her job. But questions over the limits of her power remain unresolved as the city faces critical restructuring mandates under Detroit's consent agreement with the state.
Fresh off questions on whether Attorney Crittendon would keep her employment with the City of Detroit, enter Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder who's actions with P.A. #4 is the direct result of the controversy within Detroit's Governmental functions.

One would think Gov. Snyder should expected upset residents confused on what Detroit future would be under a previously untested 'Consent Agreement' but, we guess the Governor on this occasion came unprepared.

From M-Live June 26, 2012:
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder came to Detroit preaching partership, but he left after being challenged by a divisive crowd. 
Snyder, speaking before the Council of Baptist Pastors at a church on Detroit's east side, shared his goals for the financially-struggling city, which is operating under a consent agreement with the state. 
Protesters interrupted the governor before he began, chanting "no bridge card, no bridge" and "pay us our money," a reference to an alleged $224 million debt tied to a decade-old agreement that saw Detroit begin to roll back its income tax rate in exchange for a freeze on state revenue sharing levels. 
M-Live supplied this video of protesters sharing their opinions with Gov. Snyder on what the forced 'Consent Agreement' means for the future of Michigan's largest city.

So it appears this story will continue in one fashion or the other with unhappy City of Detroit residents, a Michigan Governor-Rick Snyder who choose to ignore their disagreements and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing who was told in no uncertain terms by the City Council he cannot terminate Corporation Council Krystal Crittendon's employment for attempting to protect Detroit's tax payers' interests.

Wonder when will Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (R) re-convene the State Board of Canvassers -minus former Canvasser Jeffery Timmer-deciding if over 206,000 voters calls to place a Constitutional Referendum vote nullify Public Act #4 will make the November 6th ballot? By the way, SOS Johnson has until August 27th to do so.

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