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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update-Resolved-Local teen age 13 left home Saturday, no contact with family since

Update at 12:02 AM EDT: Reports indicate the boy has returned home. Officials haven't released details according to Ann
Photo Credit-CBS Local News
Ypsilanti Township teen, Christopher Currie 13, left his home on Saturday afternoon. Nearly three days later, he has not made contact with his family and they are worried about his safety. 
Washtenaw County Sheriff Office officials, along with the family has launched an active search to return Christopher Currie home safe.
According to the Ypsilanti Courier, Currie left his home in the 100 block of Lamay Avenue, near U.S-12 Michigan Avenue around 4:30 PM, Saturday, June 16th. A family friend told Courier's reporter Currie has not made any phone calls since to update love ones on his whereabouts.
"He didn't make or receive any phone calls, Jennifer M. Elayyan family friend told the Courier, and there was no recent email communication either. He didn't take anything with him. 
(Currie) didn't take his house key or debit card, and didn't bring any extra clothes or food either. The house was left unlocked and the alarm was not set. Currie suffers from severe allergies and he does not have his medication with him."
An AMBER Alert has not been issued, to date, because Currie is not under 12 years old, but the family and supporters wish that a exception can be made soon, if Currie is not found, Elayyan said. 
"This child may be 13, but he's still just a child and his family is worried sick about him," Elayyan told the Courier. "He is loved and he is missed.
According to news reports flyer Christopher Currie is about 4 feet, 10 inches tall, 86 pounds, and wear a short tapered hair cut. The last known item he was seen  wearing are a pair black and white Jordan tennis shoes.

If you have any information, please contact the Washtenaw County Sheriff Office at 734-971-8400.

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