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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jeffery Timmer position on State Board of Canvassers replacement, announced by Gov. Rick Snyder


Sterling Corporation Partner and "font size expert" Jeffery Timmer time on the State Board of Canvassers may be no more but, Gov. Rick Snyder (R) with expeditious speed announced who he'd like to see as Timmer's replacement on June 27th. 

Colleen Pero of Pero Consulting Inc., a public affairs consulting firm based in Lainsburg, Michigan will fill the seat, where she is likely to be easily confirmed by a Republican controlled State Senate.

Pero, a Republican, previous would for former Gov. John Engler's administration as a Special Counsel and Director of State Affairs, told M-Live she appreciates the confidence Snyder and Republican leaders are showing in her with the appointment.
“Colleen brings extensive experience to the board and I am confident she will effectively serve the people of Michigan in this role,” Snyder said in a statement to MLive.
The board normally comprised of two Republicans and two Democrats, appointed by the Governor in office. Normally, canvassers certify statewide elections and help certify ballot proposals for statewide elections. 

A recent decision by two Republicans Canvassers Timmer and Norman Shinkle to not certify up to 203,000 registered voters signatures for a Constitution Referendum vote November 6th on controversal statue Public Act #4-known as the Emergency Manager Act- was recently overturned by the Michigan Appeals Court.

Pero, once confirmed, will include certifying a number of referendum petition signatures, including a final authorization of a November 6th vote to nullify or affirm Public Act #4 with Michigan voters; along with another petition drive to add a Collective Bargaining clause into the state Constitution. 

Signatures on petitions referendums signatures must be certified for state registered voter status by Michigan's Secretary of State office, then verified the Board of Canvassers before August 27th to make the November 6th General Election ballot.

Pero will serve the remainder of a four-year term that expires Jan. 31, 2013.

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