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Friday, June 1, 2012

Have Your Say and More at Daily Cloudt: Op/Ed Review

Have you ever wanted to get involved in political matter but didn't know where to start? Daily Cloudt can help!

Democracy building social media site gives citizens a a platform in order to "do democracy." Created by Political Activist and New York Times Bestselling Author Naomi Wolf, Daily Cloudt is a nonpartisan social media platform that allows ordinary citizens to not only engage in democracy, but also build and drive democracy by turning anyone in to a political activist, lobbyist, or citizen journalist.

Daily Cloudt gives citizens a voice by allowing anyone to submit a Op/Ed piece on a topic or issue that is of importance to them. Communication and dialogue is then opened up when readers show support or opposition on various topics and issues. Users can also express via comments their thoughts, feelings and reasoning behind their stance.

After visiting the site over the past few days, I tried it out myself and submitted a Op/Ed piece which was published the next day. I have already engaged in conversations with people on various issues, even issues I do not necessarily agree with.

Not only does Daily Cloudt offer a platform for dialogue, but it also offers information on how to take action to bring change in your world. Daily Cloudt offers many links to many reources-- from where to find a copy of the US Constitution, to how to fund-raise. It even provides information on how to see what bills are being discussed by your Representatives and their colleagues!

Since using the resources provided at Daily Cloudt, I have been able pinpoint and inform myself about the bills and issues that my Representatives are discussing. Daily Cloudt's resources allow me to remain engaged, informed and prepared to take any steps I feel that can help my voice be heard on issues that are important to me.

Naomi Wolf offers her voice and shares her perspective in 'Democracy 101' educational video seminars that offer tips and advice on various subjects that are important in driving democracy and creating change. Her fist webinar featured on the site focused on how to protest effectively and offered tips and advice on how to effectively get your message across and be heard when protesting.

I highly suggest that you visit Daily Cloudt to see for yourself. Daily Cloudt is not just another Facebook or Twitter. Daily Cloudt to me, is the ultimate 'how to' guide when it comes to democracy. It is a important site as it offers a wide variety of views, opens up dialogue and focuses on the topics and issues that are important to you, all while educating and informing its visitors at the same time.

After all isn't that kind of what democracy is about?
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