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Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Has Become of Our State?

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What has become of the State of Michigan, lets review:
  •          Cutting funding for public education
  •          Giving school tax money to unlimited big for-profit charter and cyber school corporations
  •          Installing government appointed dictators to take over cities and school districts thereby nullifying   peoples votes Rachel and Ed 
  •          Violating the constitution by claiming you can count to 70 in three seconds Rachel Rachel part 2
  •          Republican activists attempting to deny Michigan residents the right to a ballot referendum on Public Act 4 (Emergency Financial Dictator Law)  Rachel  Rachel part 2
  •          Cutting taxes on corporations on the backs of the poor, working families and retirees 

So who is running Michigan, not the people.  It is groups like ALEC, The Great Lakes Education Project, The Mackinac Center and the Koch Brothers.  It’s the money.  

What has become of “government of the people, for the people, by the people”?  When did power and money become more important than doing what is best for our state?  When did protecting wealth become more important than looking out for those in need?  When did stubborn ideology and talking points replace logic, common sense and compromise?  When did scoring political points take over for debate and discussion of ideas and issues?  When did the importance of big campaign contributions overrule the needs and voices of constituents?  When did working together for the good of the state get
 replaced by “my way or the highway”?  When did politics become more important than governing?  When did serving the interests of big money and the party become more important than the will and the needs of the people?  When did supporting a powerful minority become more important than supporting the everyday majority?  

When?  In 2010.

When will we take our government back?

When democrats, independents and commonsense republicans in this state say enough is enough…this state is ours, this is our government and we want it back…for the people and not for big moneyed interests. 

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