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Thursday, May 31, 2012

OP/ED-ROJS News &Radio two year journey; vow for SANITY political discussions today, beyond

ROJS News Op/Ed
Over the past week and one-half we've took a break to construct thoughts on how ROJS News & Radio Media future should stand for and become.

Allow us to share a peek of our past and upcoming journey with you.


We'll Continue to Advocate For America's Long-Term Job Seekers & the 99er Community

April of 2010, what would become ROJS News was formed as "Reach Out Job Search News". Our focus was to be point of advocacy resource for Michigan's and Nationwide long-term unemployed job seekers in their efforts to return back to work.

Another point of equal importance at this website, was to support Representative Barbara Lee (D-California) bill HR-589 of 2011, and Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan) measure of S-3706 of 2010 to extend Federal Unemployment benefits beyond 99 weeks.

Senator Stabenow's September 29, 2010 speech on the chamber floor should always be remembered by all who truly supported America's long-term job seekers.

Senator Debbie Stabenow Supports S-3706 "The Americans Want to Work Act"-Video Credit-Senator Debbie Stabenow's Office

Congresswoman Lee's measure, HR-589, desired to extend 14 weeks of unemployment benefits to a group of long-term jobless known as the 99ers.

A quick Google Search on the term '99erwill express the stories of up to 5 million Americans; some of which up to four years after the "unemployment crisis" still seek job opportunities to provide for their families, pay household bills and maintain a sense of dignity.

Representative Barbara Lee on Sponsors H.R. 589/99ers Bill February 11, 2011-Video Credit-Crew of 42 Blog- Lauren Burke

Photo Credit-ROJS News
ROJS News head writer and owner Monica RW
takes a picture with the Honorable Congresswoman
Barbara Lee (D-California) after her press conference
sponsoring H.R.589 for long-term unemployed 99ers.

On February 11, 2011, head writer of ROJS News Monica RW along with a honorable group of 99ers took the fight for respect of America's Long-Term Job Seekers to Washington, D.C.

We stood beside Congresswoman Lee, along with Representatives Bobby Scott (D-Virginia), Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) and Economic Policy Institute Dr. Heidi Sherholz.

Although our desire to see HR-589 never came before a full vote in the Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives; my deep appreciation for each person, whether in Washington, D.C. or supporting from home this effort on February 11th will never be forgotten in my mind.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee Supports H.R.-589 for Long-Term Unemployed Americans/99ers-February 11, 2011-Video Credit-Crew of 42 Blog- Lauren Burke

Thinking back at this honorable fight, we never questioned if individuals who believed The 99ers deserved extended jobless benefits, leaned Republican, Democratic or Independent. Or if the longest-term job seekers agreed or disagreed with collective bargaining agreements or 
bloggers who wrote on their plight, wrongly would have referred to themselves as Journalists. 

Photo Credit
(L to R) 99ers Gregg Rosen, Candida Hayes, Connie Kaplan,
Menna Demissie-Staffer for Rep. Lee's Office, Monica
Ross-Williams, Rhonda Taylor, Yvonne Fisher
Misguided comments like these didn't matter at all, as the 99ers wanted a bit of respect for years as America's former working middle and lower classes; who contributed with their tax dollars for the betterment of our society.

The 99ers who stood together in Washington, D.C. in February 2011, strongly felt they should be entitled to benefits for a system they paid into.

ROJS News & Radio Expands Our Writing Resources into Michigan & National Politics Discussions

ROJS News & Radio in late 2011 and beyond, expanded our blogging resource into discussions about Michigan & National Politics. Somewhere along the way, others incorrectly thought upon themselves that our Independent-Left stance on political discussions made us a "Progressive" news resource or worst leveraging our articles to the equability of Professional Journalists who attended years of schooling to studying ethnics in journalism. 

While we ROJS News & Radio strongly believe in maintaining ethnics and standards in our articles, we're just bloggers who enjoy examining politics, careers, job search, breaking news and a variety of other subjects from an Independent-left point of view.

'The Battle of the Extremes' and why ROJS News & Radio Stands on the side of Independent-Left based Sanity

Along our journey, one aspect we've noticed is what we like to call, "The Battle of the Extremes". Specifically, those on the far left desire to create panic usually at the last minute on why a policy, politician or legislation must be changed and why you must be "Fully" on board to do so right now

Instead, wouldn't it be better foster involvement by giving factual information when the policy was crafted, while the politician was running for office in contrast to after they're elected or when a draft measure is debated on within legislative body? Being pro-active instead or reactive is always a better choice of action.

The other side, the far-right wing seeks to create a environment fully of fear on why you as a potential voter should hate any politics, legislation or politicians on the far-left.

They frequency distort information to suit their point of view on subjects of the day, in direct contrast to needs of Americans who work paycheck to paycheck for a living.

Rather than instilling fear, wouldn't it be better to provide the who, what, where and why a citizen should support or reject a policy? Also since 95% of Americans do not earn the upper 5% of annual income wealth, statistics prove economy of scale are truly held by those who work for a living, instead of individuals that live handsomely off others' labor.

The forgotten about or worst ignored are the folks in the middle, ROJS News & Radio like to call the 'Sanity Population'.

Our populace understand subjects beyond black or white, clearly 
recognizing that a "Gray" exist in the middle. 'Gray' is what we prefer to call rationality. These are individuals who are turned off by both sides of the 'extremes', desire 'just the facts', with those facts have the wherewithal come to a conclusion on what should be done and ultimately supported.

ROJS News & Radio Media Future and Why We Ask for Your Support for This Continuing Journey

Photo Credit-ROJS News
Photo Credit-ROJS Radio
Live Logo

All of this discussion or Op/Ed if you will, leads us to where ROJS News & Radio will focus our future in media.

Our blogging arm of ROJS News will craft stories surrounding Michigan & National Politics for readers can make 'Sanity' based decisions on what to advocate for, or against.

featured weekend Michigan & National Political Talk Podcast on the Blog Talk Radio Network, will continue to construct our program, and feature top-notch guests to expand our listeners knowledge on issues that impact middle and lower class Americans, along with support for those desiring to return back to work. 
methodology includes crafting Op/Ed, News Pieces, Investigative Articles, with adding local highly-quality bloggers for our listeners and readers.

If you would like to contribute to bring 'Sanity' back into our political, careers, job search or other imperative discussions, ROJS News seeks quality guest writers at this resource. Also you can your voice to ROJS Radio LIVE each weekend by submitting your information to become one of our Featured Guests, or calling into our show Saturday and Sunday's from 11AM-1PM at 347-934-0185.

ROJS News & Radio needs support to expand, grow and prosper Independent-Left based 'Sanity' discussions on issues that impact you. Feel free to review our affordable advertising rates, and donations are always appreciated. 

We leave with a sincere Thank You for taking this journey with US over the past two years, and WE Promise that best is YET to COME from ROJS News & Radio!

Check Out Our Newest Website ROJS Radio LIVE!


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