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Thursday, May 10, 2012

OP/ED- ROJS News & Radio is going to Netroots Nation, thanks to our readers and DFA

Thank you ROJS News & Radio listeners
and readers because despite what you
may read or hear...WE'RE GOING
ROJS News Op/Ed

It's sad that we have to re-confirm information that was given to our readers here at ROJS News & Radio being honored to receive a Democracy For America Runner-Up Scholarship to attend Netroots Nation June 6-10th, 2012.

Yet, we have to correct rumors that where spread to a post placed on 'WKAR's Off the Record' with journalist Tim Scubick site, by a person named Bruce Fealk, spokesperson for Michigan Rising.

Photo Credit-ROJS News

For our readers can fully understand the back story on this, ROJS News & Radio has been investigating Campaign Financial Committee reports of the Michigan Rising Political Action Committee (PAC); along with other allegations by unpaid volunteers against certain 'core executive board' members of the previous group 'The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder' (CRRS), since November 2011.

At the present time, ROJS News & Radio can exclusively confirm that Michigan Rising PAC has not filed Campaign Finance reports, due on April 25, 2012, with the Michigan Bureau of Elections-Secretary of State Office, according to B of E spokesperson Fred Woodhams.
"At this time, the department hasn’t received the April tri-annual from Michigan Rising," Woodhams wrote.

With the comment made at the WKAR's 'Off the Record' blog page by 'Bruce', ROJS News & Radio followed up with Democracy For America officials, to re-confirm information shared with our readers on ROJS News regarding our Runner-Up Netroots Nation Scholarship was correct. The response we received below is from a DFA employee named Emma.

In addition, our conversations on May 10th with this employee confirmed that a 'organization' contacted DFA by email to investigate if ROJS News & Radio and its' owner Monica RW, had received a scholarship to attend Netroots.

At this point and time ROJS News & Radio can't confirm or deny if the 'organization' was the same entity this media resource has been investigating for the past seven months former CRRS, now Michigan Rising.

What we can confirm for our readers and listeners is that ROJS News & Radio will be indeed attending Netroots Nation on June 6-10th, 2012.

Thank you for the supporters of truly Independent-Left based media resources our great state of Michigan and Nationwide for your support for us to have the homage to attend this great conference in June 2012.

We'll stand for individuals who have supported our work since its' beginning stages in April 2010, the 99er Community (long-term unemployed individuals exhausted from state and federal jobless benefits), America's lower, middle and working classes, along with individuals who believe we need fair and honest media resources to depend on, like ROJS News & Radio strives to be on a daily basis. Again, we thank you!

ROJS News & Radio has set up a PayPal donation campaign to help assist with the costs of accommodations and travel to Netroots Nation. As DFA Scholarship Runners-Up, only our entry for the conference is paid for at this time. Any amount donated would be appreciated as ROJS News & Radio, as a Independent news arm  is not financed by any group, political party or organization at the present time.

ROJS News & Radio IS GOING to Netroots Nation! Donation for our accommodation and travel cost are appreciated via Paypal at the button below!

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