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Sunday, May 6, 2012

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow receives award at Detroit's NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Dinner

Photo Credit-ROJS News
NAACP Detroit Branch President
Wendell Anthony address members
of the press at conference.
The NAACP 57th Annual Freedom Fund Dinner took place Sunday, May 6, 2012 at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit.

At the press conference, prior to the formal dinner event, local and national community leaders Nalih Ayad-Founder of the Arab Civil Rights League, WDIV News Anchor Rhonda Walker and MSNBC's host of the Rachel Maddow Show-Rachel Maddow received awards for their activist work to promote civil rights endeavors.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, attending this first formal after from a illness in early April 2012, commented about recovery and support received from well-wishers at event.

Photo Credit-ROJS News
Detroit Mayor Dave Bing take picture
with Boy Scout Troop and children
at NAACP 57th Annual Freedom
Fund Event in Detroit
"Thank God I'm health again," the Mayor noted. "The NAACP does in our community on a daily basis will allow for me to do the work necessary to bring this city back."
UAW President Bob King spoke on the continuing recovery of Detroit's Automobile Industry and its' union support for civil and human rights, along with bringing manufacturing jobs back into the Detroit Metro area.

"The attacks on civil and human rights has been outrageous and we need a organization like the NAACP in this fight," King stated. We have been available to bring 1500 jobs in Detroit (Jefferson Chrysler Plant) by collective bargaining agreement and bringing people together."
Senior Vice-President of Global Communities with the Coca-Cola Ingrid Saunders Jones discussed being a proud graduate of Detroit Public Schools, along with how the NAACP work has improve our country civil rights relations.
"Detroit is my home and I'm proud graduate of Detroit Public Schools," Saunders-Jones cited. "The NAACP has made our country a better place.

Photo Credit-ROJS News
Detroit Branch 57th Annual Freedom
Fund Dinner attendees enjoy event.
U.S. Congressman John Conyers (D-Detroit) reminded the membership the important of voting in the upcoming November 6th General Election to retain President Obama in the White House.
"We are here to celebrate but, we have to be careful about the upcoming months ahead," Congressman Conyers stated. "We must continue to support the most far-slighted President (Obama) that we as voter has ever had."
Detroit NAACP President Wendell Anthony talked about the latest attack on voting rights within the state similar to Michigan Board of Canvassers decision one week prior to deny voters rights to re-affirm or deny Public Act#4, known as the Emergency Financial Management Law.
"We must continue to fight to maintain our Democracy, as it is under attack," Rev. Anthony stated. "We don't believe that Michigan should become the new Mississippi."
When asked by Bruce Fealk, spokesman of Michigan Rising and reporter for the Rochester Citizen if the NAACP would support its' group effort to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.
"We agree with the effort but, the NAACP Detroit has not pledged their support to Recall Gov. Snyder," President Anthony replied.
Michigan Rising publicized event recall kick-off event with writer, John Nichols of The Nation magazine, drew a about one hundred attendees. In comparison 2011,'s intial 'kick-off' gathering received approximately 5000-7000 supporters in Lansing to recall Gov. Snyder. Last year's recall effort ended in a failed attempt,  with approximately 191,000 signatures obtained of the 806,000 necessary to initiate a recall vote against Gov. Snyder.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who was honored for her reports on Michigan's Governmental policies, by Detroit NAACP Branch talked about why she believes Detroit and the state story is important to highlight on the network.
Photo Credit-ROJS News
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow talks to press members
at Detroit Branch NAACP Annual Freedom
Fund Dinner Event 

"I think what is going on in Michigan is really, really important for the entire country. I think the biggest story of American government is here in Michigan. Democracy is under attack in Michigan," Maddow stated. The actions of overturning the will of 220,000 plus voters by the decision last week by the Board of Canvassers makes Michigan continual fight an important story to follow".

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, was the Keynote Speaker at Detroit's NAACP May 6, 2012 event and President Barack Obama send a video message to the membership in attendance at the dinner event.

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