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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Considering a job in IT: Here’s Why It's A Good Choice

Computers are one of the most important tools that modern business has at its disposal, and because of this, businesses need educated professionals who understand these machines. If you have been thinking about getting a degree in information technology (IT), you're in good company.

Ø  Can Complement Existing Degrees. Sometimes, an information technology degree is what you need to complement your existing degree and position yourself for a shift in careers or potential advancements. For example, adding IT knowledge to your existing degree could make you a more attractive candidate for a range of positions.
Ø  Multiple Career Options. Some degrees limit the holder to one or two main career choices, but an IT degree may open the door to a wide range of opportunities. Most companies use computers, which means businesses have a need for IT support. You may be able to work in cyber security, database management, information storage and analysis, software programming, telecommunications, IT management, computer systems administration and information system management, to name a few options.
Ø  Constantly Changing Field. Many people love working in IT because the field is constantly changing. Many times IT professionals are learning about new technology and devising new strategies to help their companies meet their technological goals. In other words, working in IT is rarely boring. Ten years ago, IT professionals worked primarily on computers, but today they may be migrating to mobile and tablet computing and implementing the cloud into their strategies.
Ø  Job Growth Potential. IT is a field with excellent job growth potential. “Computer Weekly” indicated that the demand for IT was the second highest of all career fields in early 2012. The BLS indicates a projected job growth of 18 percent for computer and information systems managers between 2010 and 2020, as well as a projected growth of 28 percent for network and computer systems administrators. The Bureau anticipates an overall growth of 22 percent for general jobs in computers. All of these statistics are above the 14 percent expected job growth for all careers, meaning that these professionals have a better chance at advancing in their careers than those in other fields.
Where is this job growth coming from? Much of it is coming from continuing changes in the field. Whenever the business community embraces a new platform, such as Windows 7, it creates a demand for IT professionals to help integrate that platform into a business's existing infrastructure. Similarly, when new technology, like the mobile web or cloud computing, hits the scene, companies must turn to IT professionals for help embracing these changes. Because technology is evolving quickly, demand for trained professionals in this field remains strong.

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