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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Add your Independent-Left or Progressive voice to radio podcasting with 'Podcasting for Business' webseries

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Want to learn how to have Independent-Left or Progressive Voices take over the internet based airwaves technology for Election 2012 and beyond? 

Owner of the  'The Virtual Work Team' - Shilonda Downing, will teach you how to get started podcasting for free on Blog Talk Radio and iTunes with Podcasting for Business Teleconference Series, Part 1. You will also learn how Shilonda monetizes podcasting. 

ROJS News & Radio has a perfect deal for you to attend this EDUCATIONAL web-conference! Sign-Up for the conference and put THIS CODE "BIZ20" to get 20% OFF! For only $20.00 bucks your can KICK START adding your opinions and thoughts into the RADIO BUSINESS by Podcasting!

Learn more about The Virtual Work Team podcast links AND via their I-Tunes podcast page

This class is also taught as part of a 6 part course on using podcasting and social media to grow your business. Learn more about the details and SIGN UP TODAY HERE.

We've added a Guest teacher Monica Ross-Williams of Executive Producer and Co-Host ROJS RADIO LIVE. Monica has been podcasting since October 2010 and will teach everyone techniques to get sponsors (paid advertisers) and forge powerful collaborations for your podcasts.

ROJS News Needs Your Vote to Attend Netroots Nation in 2012!


Show your support (we thank you in advance) by clicking this link!

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