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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Washtenaw (Cty.) Foreclosure Defense Team holds first public meeting in Ypsilanti

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On Monday, April 16th, Washtenaw (Cty.) Foreclosure Defense Team (WFDT) held their first public meeting at the North Congregational Church near downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Vowing to help homeowners suffering from financial institutions taking away their homes, WFDT seeks to open up the dialog surrounding individuals and families facing foreclosures.

"We want to create a space that people can share their stories in regards to this crisis. And also understand that people don't experience crisis alone," Jen from WFD and Washtenaw Community Action Team stated at the meeting. "It's important to understand that this crisis was created from the banks and now individual families are suffering from this."
Photo Credit-ROJS News

ROJS Media was the first Washtenaw County based news resource announcing Monday's meeting as Adam Warner, a member of WFDT appeared as a guest on ROJS Radio LIVE Sunday, April 16th @ 11:15 AM.

During introductions WFDT members hosting the event attendees to highlight how has the foreclosure Phtcrisis impacted them. Attendees from a cross-section of Washtenaw County residents including students, lawyers, college professors, members of Occupy and homeowners responded the following:
"My sister is facing fear of foreclosure and my parents have been in foreclosure actions with Wells Fargo bank". 
"Community pressure is necessary to change the climate on how banks treat their customers." 
Photo Credit-ROJS News
"People should be able to stay in their homes." 
"The house my daughter and her mother lived in, got foreclosed on after she lost her job." 
"I feel a huge amount of anger at banks being allowed to what they have without accountability to those foreclosed upon." 
"The circle of shame should be shifted to the banks, not homeowners trying to work with banks to stay in their homes."
"I see this action (stopping individuals and families being removed from their home) as a part of a larger movement happening across the United States." 
Facts about Michigan's Foreclosure Law 30-60-90 day timeline, homeowners rights during the redemption period, overview on how the banks destroyed city of Detroit housing market and options for personal property owners facing foreclosure was a part of packets of information shared by Washtenaw Foreclosure Defense Team members.

Upcoming months ahead, WFDT plans for neighborhood direct action events with homeowners across the Washtenaw County area who's lenders refuse to engage in reasonable negotiations to remain in their properties.

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