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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scott Brown Announces Candidacy for Calhoun County Commissioner

Calhoun County, Michigan-Scott Brown has announced his candidacy for Calhoun County Commissioner 7th District. Art Kale-(R) currently serves on the board of commissioners represetnting the 7th district. Scott Brown, an Albion resident and Navy veteran who has served the people of Calhoun County for more than a decade, today turned in signatures to officially place his name on the ballot for Calhoun County’s 7th District seat. In recent years, Brown, a Democrat, has seen a change in the way county leaders view the role of government. He has witnessed government become less about protecting middle-class workers and families, and more about severe cuts and poorer services. A member of the Calhoun County Road Commission and its former chair, Brown wants to bring new energy and ideas to county government.
“I’m humbled by the opportunities I have had for many years now to serve county residents,” said Brown. “I’ve learned a lot and have contributed a lot while serving on several county boards, so now I feel prepared to take those experiences and bring positive change to our county. When those we elect treat government like a corporation by putting profits or numbers before people, the county is bound to see a ‘race to the bottom’ in terms of jobs, public services and quality of life. I’m for every-day, ordinary workers and families. That’s who I’m fighting for in this election. I believe government's role is about putting people first. ”
Brown has served on numerous county and city boards including, the Calhoun County Road Commission, the Calhoun County Board of Public Works, the Calhoun County Building Authority, the Albion City Building Board of Appeals, and the Albion City Information Technology Committee. One of the projects that Brown is most proud of is his effort to integrate cutting-edge technology into the operations of the county’s road commission and its website. Brown works for the Construction Laborers Union doing strategic research and communications. He is happily married to Joedy Brown and has two sons, six-year-old Scotty and two-year-old Cristian. More information regarding Brown is available at

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